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This is the first of many quarterly newsletters that we will be distributing detailing the goings-on of our wonderful non-profit!


  • Real People. Real Lives.

    September 2015 Volume 1, Issue 1

    INSIDE THIS ISSUE...The Executives Desk ..........1

    Department News .............2

    Meet Our Staff ..................2

    Real people. Real lives. .....2

    Goings On .......................3

    Upcoming Events ...............3

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    We provide comfortable, affordable housing and supportive services to end homelessness for individuals with a disability. Our services are provided by professional staff as well as people who share the experiences of those we serve and are delivered

    in a caring, respectful and efficient manner that addresses the whole person; body, mind and spirit.

    In 2012, a total of 633, 782 people were considered to be homeless across the US. On any given night, almost 400 people in Bergen County alone can be found on the streets, desperately looking for a decent space to spend the night. Our agency, the Alliance Against Homelessness of Bergen County, Inc., has been able to house a few of these individuals. We currently work with over 65 individuals and families doing our best to provide a place to call home - but it isnt enough. We want to grow in order to help more individuals, families, and children and we need your support do so this.

    Like us on Facebook and share our page, attend our fundraising events, donate, or share our newsletter! Every bit of support and every contribution helps tremendously. Become part of the effort that works so tirelessly to give people something that everyone wants, needs, and deserves - a place to call home.

    FROM THE EXECUTIVES DESK...Greetings! Welcome to the first of our quarterly newsletters, "The Housing Chronicles."

    Our world can be a hectic and confusing place. So often we miss the joy of little things as life swirls around us beckoning us from one activity to the next. Our hope is that you find these pages informative and inspiring. Perhaps what is written will make you pause and think about your own life or think about the lives of the people around you. From our world to yours we hope your journey through these pages enlightens and gives you the expectation of a brighter future.

    Thank you,

    David MooreExecutive Director


  • Page 2 September 2015Real People. Real Lives. September 2015 Real People. Real Lives. Page 3

    Homelessness is not a new phenomenon in Bergen County and is, unfortunately, a social issue that is commonly swept under the rug. To combat this, Alliance Against Homelessness of Bergen County, Inc. has been in operation, working with the

    homeless, since 1989.

    DEPARTMENT NEWSWe proudly run two programs.

    Our Permanent Supportive Housing program started in 1989 and now houses 20 homeless men and women with a diagnosed mental illness across five towns in Bergen County. Our Case Management program works with over 45 adults and their fami-lies whose lives have been affected by homelessness and a disabling condition. Our clients live in subsidized apartments throughout the county and receive support and counseling from our staff on a weekly basis. Four full-time and 3 part-time individuals comprise our staff that work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

    MEET OUR STAFFDavid Moore is the Executive Director of AAH of Bergen County, Inc. He has been with the agency for almost 8 years. He began his journey working with the homeless as the Housing Director in 2008. David has spent more than two decades in the human services field.

    Besides his passion for people and championing the underdog, David loves to spend time in the Adirondacks or the Florida shore. David resides in Orange County, NY, and lives in a condo with his cat, Max. David enjoys spending time with his niece and four nephews. They frequently attend sporting events and the movies.

    One of Davids greatest hopes is that decent housing will become an attainable goal for all Americans someday.


    Being homeless doesnt leave you with a lot of choices, but for one lucky individual, we had an opening. That very same week Maggie moved into our Bogota House. Maggie had been sleeping in her car in Austin, Texas

    for almost two years after a failed relationship left her homeless. Not being able to manage her mental health, she slowly sank into a depression. Not one to give up, Maggie began driving northeast towards her familiar stomping grounds of NY and NJ.

    Maggie wound up at Bergen Regional Psychiatric Unit for several months and was then discharged to the Hackensack shelter. We received a call and interviewed Maggie and felt we were a strong fi t to help her get back on her feet. Now, four years later, Maggie is ready to begin looking for her own apartment in the community.

    She has joined a book club, teaches Sunday School, is a substitute teacher at the local High School, walked in the Pride parade in NYC and takes frequent trips to museums and theatrical productions. She has even fi nished the fi rst draft of a play!

    Housing First really does make a difference!

    GOINGS ONOur 3rd annual Modianis Cooking for a Cause event was a hit! With over 50 guests and 3 generous sponsors, we were able to raise $3K which will be used towards repairs for our homes!

    Chef Ralph Perrotti of St. Eves in Ho-ho-kus was a delight. Fresh gnocchi, mushroom risotto, and a heavenly ricotta chocolate mousse atop fresh pasta, lightly fried were happily sampled by our guests.

    Please enjoy one of the nights recipes in the Artists Block section of our newsletter.

    CHOCOLATE RICOTTA MOUSSEby Chef Ralph PerrottiIngredients6 oz dark chocolate, melted16 oz ricotta, drained2 tbsp good cocoa powder1 tsp vanilla2 tbsp honey cup powdered sugar

    DirectionsPlace ricotta in bowl of food processor, turn on, add melted chocolate with machine running. You will need to scrape down the sides. Continue to add remaining ingredients. Mix well. Chill.When ready to serve, whip cream until stiff, fold into ricotta mixture.Serve in a crisp tart shell, top with fresh berries, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.


  • Primary Business Address267R Pascack Rd.Township of Washington, NJ 07676P: 201.664.1700F: 201.664.1784

    AAH of Bergen County is a 501(c)3 corporation.All donations are tax deductible.

    Visit us at



    Prudential Center Arena, Newark, NJ Price $50 & $65/Call to Purchase

    H MEH MEWalk to end homelessness

    WALKING HOME 5KOct. 11th, 12:00PM

    Van Saun County Park, Pavilion C, Paramus, NJ Warm-up, bagels, juice, coffee, tea, 5K Walk

    $20/pre-registration online; $25/ day of

    TRICKY TRAYNovember 5th, 6:00PM

    Dinner, Drinks, Music, & Over 100 Baskets!Seasons, Twp. Of Washington, NJ

    Price $60/Person

    NJ DEVILS VS. NY RANGERS Feb 2nd., 7:00PM

    Prudential Center Arena, Newark, NJ Call for Tickets and Pricing Details


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