alexander dorin: “srebrenica massacre” is a western dorin: “srebrenica massacre” is a...

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  • Alexander Dorin: Srebrenica Massacre is a Western Myth

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  • All the lies and fabrications

    The trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague, which has been stalled by the former Bosnian Serb leader's refusal to show up in court, is likely to be used by the West to justify NATO's current policy of "humanitarian intervention."

    At a time when the NATO-led operation in Afghanistan is becoming increasingly unpopular in countries which have committed troops to this theatre of war, Western officials are likely to propagate the generally accepted notion - created by Western governments to cover up the real, geo-political motives for their involvement in the Yugoslav civil war - that it was NATO intervention which ended the Bosnian war and put an end to Karadzic's "genocidal policies."

    However, as the case of Iraq has shown, the West has no compunction in fabricating a story for its own self-gain.


  • Srebrenica: Muslim Commander

    In my battalion, out of 320 soldiers, 280 died during the war. What did we fight for? I know that they are now trying to humiliate people from Srebrenica and spread rumors that we supposedly did not fight and were slain while running away from Srebrenica. No one can deny that in the Srebrenica municipality there are 2,000 buried fighters. No one can deny that we set up a large free territory. However, without assistance from outside we could not hold out for long surrounded by the enemy. You can write that I absolutely support the statement by Hakija Meholjic that we were betrayed.

    Former Bosnian Muslim commander Nesib Buric, in a statement to Sarajevo daily "Dani", January 18, 1999

  • Poor KLosovars

    Albanian Krenar Lusha, first an illegal immigrant in Serbia (Kosovo-Metohija province), then in UK, where he arrived smuggled by an Albanian gang on a back of a truck, has been jailed for seven years by the British authorities for terrorism.

    According to the police sources, his claim for asylum on the grounds that he was a "Kosovan in fear of persecution by the Serbian authorities", was rejected by the UK authorities, but Britain has provided him with a 100% mortgage for a 93,000 home, UK driving licence and a cushy 30,000-a-year job, allowing him to spend his free time learning how to turn a mobile phone into a bomb trigger, where to place the landmines, how to field-strip an AK-47 automatic rifle and, in general, to muse about killing Jews and Americans.


    Alexander Dorin: Srebrenica Massacre is a Western Myth Related PostsAll the lies and fabricationsSrebrenica: Muslim CommanderPoor KLosovars