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Advanced Crisis Intervention. Presentation by: Jane Dwyer, MSW, LCSW. Advanced Crisis Intervention. Contemporary approaches for the journey of transforming trauma by regaining emotional and cognitive control. Part I Objectives. Define crisis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Advanced Crisis InterventionPresentation by: Jane Dwyer, MSW, LCSW

  • Advanced Crisis InterventionContemporary approaches for the journey of transforming trauma by regaining emotional and cognitive control

  • Define crisisState the principles and characteristics of crisisIdentify personal characteristics of an effective crisis intervenerDescribe the Hybrid Model of Crisis Intervention

  • What is a Crisis?

    Crisis is the perception or experiencing of an event or situation as an intolerable difficulty that exceeds the persons current resources and coping mechanisms (James & Gilliland, 2013).

  • Complicated SymptomologyDanger and OpportunitySeeds of Growth and ChangeNo Panaceas or Quick FixesThe Necessity of ChoiceUniversality and IdiosyncrasyResiliencyPerception

  • Only through the experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved Helen Keller

  • Tolerance for ambiguityA calm, neutral demeanorTenacityOptimismAdventurousnessFlexibility and CreativityConfidence and AssertivenessLittle need to rescueCapacity for listeningAwareness of trauma indicatorsOpenness to individual crisis reactionsCapacity for information management

  • Establishing psychological ConnectionClarifying intentions

  • Psychological supportLogistical supportSocial supportInformational support

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