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These devices ensure safe and reliable vertical tr...


<ul><li><p>ADA Compliant Home Elevators </p><p>These devices ensure safe and reliable vertical transportation and aids in carrying groceriesand other heavy loads up and down the various floors. </p><p>Improve the Lifestyle of All Age Groups </p><p>Suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, residential elevators can be easily integrated intonew or existing homes. A typical home elevator consists of an innovative drive system toensure reliable, quiet and smooth operation. It can be easily operated by people of all agegroups. Moreover, it adds value to your home. </p><p>An ADA compliant elevator comes with an extensive range of cab finishes and colors tomatch your interior and exterior dcor. It is equipped with excellent safety features such ashoistway and door interlocks, automatic operation, emergency call button, emergency light,alarm, slack chain, cable safety devices, phone, slack chain, locked power cabinets, andhandrail. </p><p>Home Elevators - with a Wide Range of Safety Features </p><p>In the U.S industry, Savaria Concord, ThyssenKrupp Access and Federal Elevator are someof the well known manufacturers supplying innovative residential elevators such as Eclipseelevator, Panorama elevator, Renaissance elevator, Telecab residential elevator, InfinityLuxury elevator, LU/LA elevators and Prolift Voyager. </p><p>Telecab residential elevator is one of the most popular home elevator models with 2 stops. Itis ideally suited for the mobility impaired as it features many safety options to provide asmooth, stable and safe ride. Its specifications include: </p><p>o Rated speed - 25 fpm </p><p>o Rated load - 500 lbs </p><p>o 2:1 roller chain hydraulic drive system </p><p>Yet another home elevator is Federal Elevator's Panorama residential elevator with amaximum of 8 stops. It features 60 ft maximum travel, 1000 lbs rated load, 50 fpm maximumspeed, manual or automatic swing entrances, automatic controls, hydraulic pump unit ofcompact design and 1:2 cable hydraulic drive. </p><p>Approach the Right Suppliers </p><p>If you are planning to install an ADA compliant home elevator as a practical addition to your</p></li><li><p>residence, take advantage of leading accessibility equipment suppliers. Make sure that theyprovide installation and maintenance services as well. </p><p>Home elevators have become an inevitable part of modern residences as they offer apractical mobility solution while also increasing the value of the home. With the recenttechnological advancements major companies provide affordable home elevators suitingvarious indoor and outdoor transportation needs. Large space, easy mobility, advancedsafety features and durability together make modern elevator systems increasingly popular. </p><p>Designed to suit every kind of home </p><p>Ensuring maximum safety and comfort, residential elevator systems are incorporated withvarious safety measures such as door interlock system, emergency stop with alarm, powerbackup facility, telephone, one touch screen controls, cable safety devices and lots more.One of the most important benefits of home residential elevators is that they help peoplecarry heavy loads from one floor to the other. Each model comprises several technicaloptions suiting various home requirements. Besides helping physically disabled people withbetter mobility solutions these elevators also enhance the value of residences. </p><p>Flexibility offered </p><p>Leading manufacturers like ThyssenKrupp Access, Federal Elevator and Savaria Concordprovide various reliable and affordable home elevators ensuring the safety and comfort ofpeople. Signet is a fully automatic elevator system with bi-directional leveling andprogrammable logic controller. Lev home elevators are set with various security features thatare generally found only in commercial elevators. </p><p>Infinity luxury elevator is a hydraulic system with a highly efficient drive system. </p></li></ul>