ADA compliant ADA compliant products ADA-4 Discover the professional’s choice. Table of Contents Elkay ADA Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains 3

Download ADA compliant   ADA compliant products ADA-4 Discover the professional’s choice. Table of Contents Elkay ADA Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains 3

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<ul><li><p>water coolers</p><p>drinkingfountains</p><p>sinks</p><p>faucets</p><p>ADA compliant products</p><p>ADA-4</p><p>Discover the professionals choice.</p></li><li><p>Table of Contents</p><p>Elkay ADA Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains 3</p><p>Water Coolers with WaterSentry Filter System 4</p><p>No Lead Water Coolers 5-6</p><p>No Lead Drinking Fountains 7</p><p>Elkay ADA Sinks and Waste Fittings 8-9</p><p>Elkay ADA Faucets 10-11-12</p><p>Product Specifications and Dimensions</p><p>Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains 13-14</p><p>Sinks 15-16</p><p>Faucets 17-18-19</p><p>Elkay offers a full line of ADA (Americans with</p><p>Disabilities Act*) compliant products. These</p><p>products make life easier for people with</p><p>disabilities, and make it easier for businesses,</p><p>schools and healthcare facilities to meet the</p><p>requirements of federal law.</p><p>Our ADA compliant products have been designed to</p><p>comply with every aspect of the ADA Accessibility</p><p>Guidelines: specific heights, depths and recess </p><p>standards, wheelchair clearances, spout heights </p><p>and locations, control mechanism designs, ease </p><p>of operation, positioning and more.</p><p>We work hand-in-hand with builders, remodelers,</p><p>architects and others involved in the home and</p><p>commercial building and remodeling industries,</p><p>enabling them to specify and equip their sites </p><p>with products that truly do make life more livable.</p><p>* The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law passed in 1990 in an effort to create greater opportunity for people with disabilities and to accommodate their special needs.</p><p>Making life more livable</p><p>ELKAY</p><p>ADA Compliant</p><p>Products</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>The waters fine</p><p>When it comes to reducing lead content, </p><p>you will be making a responsible, quality</p><p>choice by selecting Elkay Water Coolers with</p><p>WaterSentry or our No Lead Water Coolers</p><p>and Drinking Fountains. Both feature no lead</p><p>design and HFC-134a refrigerant. </p><p>Our exclusive WaterSentry Filter System</p><p>removes lead, chlorine and sediment from </p><p>the water. It also provides an extra level </p><p>of protection by removing cysts, such as</p><p>cryptosporidium and giardia from the water.</p><p>The WaterSentry Filter is tested and certified</p><p>by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standards</p><p>42 and 53 to ensure optimum performance.</p><p>Theres a quick-disconnect cartridge for </p><p>fast, easy installation and removal, and an</p><p>optional audible filter monitor indicates</p><p>when its time for the filter to be changed.</p><p>No Lead Coolers and Drinking Fountains </p><p>have been designed with no lead technolgy.</p><p>No leaded brass or solder has been used in</p><p>the waterways. Waterway joints have been</p><p>made using a lead free brazing alloy. They</p><p>also feature our In-Line Strainer, which </p><p>filters larger impurities. Installation, cleaning</p><p>and replacement are easy. All models meet UL</p><p>requirements and sanitary codes, and feature</p><p>our No Lead Flexi-Guard safety bubbler </p><p>that flexes on impact to prevent accidental</p><p>mouth injury. Select models also feature </p><p>a unique Universal design with a versatile,</p><p>back-of-unit configuration which permits</p><p>easy installation to most existing </p><p>plumbing systems.</p><p>Quality is evident throughout Elkays </p><p>entire product line. The result: healthy, </p><p>good-tasting water, pure and simple.</p><p>Coolers and drinking </p><p>fountains featured in this </p><p>catalog are certified to the</p><p>entire NSF/ANSI61, Section 9</p><p>Standard. This Standard </p><p>regulates the levels of</p><p>contaminants that can leach</p><p>from drinking water devices</p><p>into potable water.</p><p>Compliance with this Standard</p><p>provides a tremendous benefit</p><p>to you in the event that you</p><p>or your customers begin to</p><p>demand products that meet</p><p>this requirement.</p><p>Water Coolers andDrinking Fountains</p><p>In keeping with our policy of continuing productimprovement, Elkay reserves the right to change productspecifications without notice.</p></li><li><p>Water Coolers andDrinking Fountains</p><p>with WaterSentry Filter System</p><p>LZ8Barrier-Free wall mount.Designed to meet child or adult ADA.EZ-Touch Controls on front.</p><p>4 See page 13 for individual product features.</p><p>LNFEM8KBarrier-FreeSoft Sides</p><p>single level.Push buttonoperation.Recessed refrigerationunit.</p><p>LNTEM8KBarrier-Free SoftSides two-level.One basin for wheel-chair access, theother at standingheight. Push buttonoperation. Recessedrefrigeration unit.</p><p>LRPBM8KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo</p><p>single level. Light-touch push button on front. Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>LRPBM28KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo</p><p>two- level. One basin forwheel-chair access, theother at standing height.Light-touch push buttonson front. Recessedrefrigeration unit.</p><p>LJNEM8KFully recessed wallmount. Ideal design for obstacle freehallway installations.</p><p>LZS8Barrier-Free wall mount.Designed to meet child or adult ADA.EZ-Touch Controls on front and sides.</p><p>LZSTL8CBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.Designed to meet child or adultADA. One basin for wheelchairaccess, the other at standing height.EZ-Touch Controls on front and sides.</p><p>LZTL8CBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.Designed to meet child or adultADA. One basin for wheelchair access,the other at standing height.EZ-Touch Controls on front.</p></li><li><p>No LeadWater Coolers</p><p>5See page 13 for individual product features.</p><p>EHFSA8Barrier-Free wall mount.Light-touch pushbars on front andsides. One-piece backsplash and basin.</p><p>OHFAVR8Barrier-Free wall mount.Vandal-resistant one-piece backsplash and basin.Heavy duty push button on front.</p><p>EZO8Barrier-Free wall mount.Designed to meet child or adultADA. Hands-Free sensor-operated.</p><p>EZSTL8CBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.One basin for wheelchair access,the other at standing height. EZ-Touch Controls on front and sides.</p><p>EZOSTL8CBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.Designed to meet child or adultADA. One basin for wheelchairaccess, the other at standingheight. Hands-Free sensor-operatedon lower unit. EZ-Touch Controls onfront and sides of upper unit.</p><p>EZS8Barrier-Free wall mount.Designed to meet child or adult ADA.EZ-Touch Controls on front and sides.</p><p>EZ8Barrier-Free wall mount.Designed to meet child or adult ADA.EZ-Touch Controls on front.</p><p>EZTL8CBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.One basin for wheelchair access, the otherat standing height. EZ-Touch Controls onfront.</p><p>VRC8SBarrier-Free wall mount.Vandal-resistant enclosure.Heavy duty push buttonon front. </p><p>VRCTL8SCBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.Vandal-resistant enclosure. Heavy dutypush button on front.</p><p>ERPBM28KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo two-level.Light-touch push buttons on front.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>ERPBM8KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo</p><p>single level. Light-touchpush button on front.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p></li><li><p>6</p><p>ENOBM28KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo two-level.Hands-free and light-touch pushbar operation units.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>ENOBM8KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo</p><p>single level. Hands-Free</p><p>sensor-operated.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>ECRSPM8KBarrier-Free child Slimline single level. Push button operation.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>ERFPM28KBarrier-Free Soft Sides two-level. Push button operation.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>ERFPM8KBarrier-Free Soft Sides single level.Push button operation.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>EROM8KBarrier-Free Soft Sides single level.Hands-Free sensor-operated.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>EHFRAM7KFully recessed. Light-touchpushbar operation.Ideal design for obstaclefree hallway installations.</p><p>EROM28KBarrier-Free Soft Sides two-level.Hands-free and push button operation units.Recessed refrigeration unit.</p><p>EFRCM8KFully recessed.Push button operation.Ideal design for obstaclefree hallway installations.</p><p>EFRCM8CDKFully recessed with cupdispenser and waste receptacle.Push button operation. Idealdesign for obstacle freehallway installations.</p><p>ESWA8Simulated semi-recessed.Semi-recessed design with on-the-wall installation ease.Push button operation.</p><p>See pages 13-14 for individual product features.</p><p>EFRPCM8KFully recessed fountain/cuspidor. Light-touch pushbaroperation. Ideal for gymnasiumlocker room and sports centers.</p><p>No LeadWater Coolers</p></li><li><p>7See page 14 for individual product features.</p><p>EZSDBarrier-Free wall mount. Designed to meetchild or adult ADA. Requires electric forEZ-Touch Controls on front and sides.</p><p>EZDBarrier-Free wall mount. Designed tomeet child or adult ADA. Requireselectric for EZ-Touch Controls on front.</p><p>EZSTLDDCBarrier-Free two-level wall mount.One touch basin for wheelchair access, theother at standing height. Requires electricfor EZ-Touch Controls on front and sides.</p><p>EDFP19CSimulated semi-recessed.Semi-recessed design withon-the-wall installationease. Light-touch pushbaron the front.</p><p>EDFBC212CFountain/cuspidor full recessed. Drinking fountain and cuspidor in one convenient location.Light-touch pushbar.</p><p>EDFPBM117CBarrier-Free SwirlFlo two-level.Convenient for wheelchair accessor standing height.Light-touch push buttons on front.</p><p>EDFPBWM114CBarrier-Free SwirlFlo</p><p>single level. Same asEDFPBM114C but includes attractive wall plate.</p><p>EDFPBM114KBarrier-Free SwirlFlo single level.Contoured basin keeps splashingto a minimum. Light-touch push button on front.</p><p>EDFB12CFull recessed model.Light-touch pushbar on front. Deeply recessed backsplash provides ample headroom.</p><p>EDFP217CBarrier-Free Soft Sides</p><p>two-level. Push buttonoperation.</p><p>EDFP214CBarrier-Free Soft Sides</p><p>single level.Push button operation.</p><p>EDFP220RCDual station white granite composite.Push button operation.</p><p>EHFSADBarrier-Free wall mount.Refrigeration not included.Light-touch pushbars on front and sides.One-piece backsplash and basin.</p><p>EDFP214RCSingle-level composites. Push button operation.</p><p>ECDFPW314CBarrier-Free child Slimline single level. Push button operation.</p><p>All Elkay water coolers and drinking fountains are wheelchair accessible and are No Lead design.</p><p>No LeadDrinking Fountains</p></li><li><p>LRAD250</p><p>BLR1560LRAD1316LRAD1517LRAD1522LRAD1716LRAD1720LRAD1722LRAD1918LRAD1918LLRAD1918RLRAD1919</p><p>LRAD2022LRAD2219LRAD2219LLRAD2219RLRAD2222</p><p>LRAD2521LRAD2521LLRAD2521RLRAD2522LRAD3122</p><p>GECR3321</p><p>GECR2521GECR2521L</p><p>GECR2521R</p><p>Double Bowl LustertoneDouble Bowl LustertoneLarge/Medium Bowls</p><p>Single Bowl LustertoneDRKAD3717LCDRKAD3717L</p><p>DRKAD3717RCDRKAD3717R</p><p>Two Bowl and Fountain LustertoneSingle Bowl Celebrity</p><p>Double Bowl Celebrity</p><p>Available withor withoutfittings.</p><p>LRAD2918LRAD2922</p><p>LRAD3319LRAD3321</p><p>LRAD3322LRAD3722</p><p>Elkays Quick-clip sinks are designed for multiple sinkinstallations, such as schools, hospitals and other projects.Compared to other top install systems, Elkays Quick-Clipsinks are much easier to install and save considerableinstallation time.</p><p>Important Quick-Clip Ordering Information</p><p>This catalog lists the Q models currently available. Look for the Quick-Clip icon for easy identification.</p><p>To order a Quick-Clip version sink,add a Q to the model number.For example: To order a LRAD3322 sink with Quick-Clip, </p><p>request model number: LRADQ3322.</p><p>Sink your money into quality regardless of your budget</p><p>Sinks</p><p>8</p><p>Sinks</p><p>Whether you purchase our highest quality Lustertone #18 gauge,stainless steel sink, or Pacemaker or Celebrity #20 gauge stainlesssteel sinks, youll receive the highest quality ADA compliant sinksavailable today: from kitchen to classroom to lavatory and workspace.</p><p>Elkay kitchen sinks are available in a variety of models, dimensionsand quality grades Lustertone, Pacemaker and Celebrity tosatisfy a large range of specific uses and budgets. Regardless of yourchoice, youll find style, function and versatility are evidentthroughout our ADA compliant kitchen sink line.</p><p>And now were offering a much larger selection of ADA compliantmodels with off-center drains (where appropriate) in a variety ofdepths.</p><p>Elkay Classroom sinks are available with or without fittings. ElkaysLK1141A No Lead Flexi-Guard Bubbler, flexes on impact to preventaccidental mouth injury and has an easy-operating, self-closing pushbutton that meets both ANSI and ADA requirements. It fits standardfaucet holes, has a built-in volume control and adds no lead to thedrinking water because it is constructed with no lead-containingmaterials. </p><p>Elkay sinks are made of high-grade stainless steel that will not chip,crack or discolor. They are easy to clean and sanitize. All exposed </p><p>surfaces are machine polished to a highlighted bright finish. And theunderside is fully undercoated and sound-deadened.</p><p>Elkay ADA Compliant Sinks: adding value to every budget.</p><p>See pages 15-16 for individual product features.</p></li><li><p>9</p><p>CDKAD2517CCDKAD2517VRCCDKAD2517</p><p>See page 16 for individual product features.</p><p>DRKAD2220CDRKAD2220DRKAD2517CDRKAD2517</p><p>DRKAD2522 DRKAD3119CDRKAD3119</p><p>Single Bowl and Fountain/Double Ledge Lustertone</p><p>DRKAD2220LDRKAD2220R</p><p>DRKAD2522LDRKAD2522R</p><p>Single Bowl and Fountain/Rear and Side Ledge Lustertone</p><p>PSDKAD2517CPSDKAD2517VRCPSDKAD2517</p><p>Single Bowl and Fountain/Double Ledge Pacemaker and Celebrity</p><p>Self-Rim Lavatory</p><p>DRKAD2217</p><p>Single Bowl and Fountain/Single Ledge Lustertone</p><p>ELV2219ELVWO2219</p><p>Wall Hung Lavatory</p><p>For 31/2 Drain Openings For 11/2 or 15/8 Drain Openings</p><p>DRKAD2822LCDRKAD2822L</p><p>DRKAD2822RCDRKAD2822R</p><p>Single Bowl and Fountain/Triple Ledge Lustertone</p><p>Available with or without fittings.</p><p>Available with or without fittings.</p><p>Available with or without fittings.</p><p>ELV1817</p><p>Available with or without fittings.</p><p>EWSFAD13620</p><p>Available with Quick-Clip mounting system. See page 8 for details.</p><p>Sinks</p><p>LLVR2017 LLVR1310LLVR1916 RLLVR12</p><p>LKADOS LKAD35 LKAD18 LKAD174Arranged foroverflow.</p><p>LKAD174LONot arrangedfor overflow.</p><p>Waste Fittings</p><p>WCL1923OSDWCLWO1923OSD</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>Single-Lever, Arezzo Pull-OutHeavy brass constructionCeramic disc cartridgePull-out retractable sprayLK7220 series brushed chrome, </p><p>chrome or brushed nickel finishLK7228SS stainless steel finishExclusive to Marquis Showrooms</p><p>See page 17 for individual product features.</p><p>Single-Lever, Arezzo Kitchen</p><p>Single-Lever, Ferrara Pull-Out</p><p>LK7120BCLK7120CRLK7120NK</p><p>LK7620BCLK7620CRLK7620NK</p><p>Heavy brass constructionCeramic disc cartridgePull-out retractable sprayBrushed chrome, chrome or </p><p>brushed nickel finishExclusive to Marquis Showrooms</p><p>LK7220BCLK7220CRLK7220NK</p><p>LK7228SS LK7224BCLK7224CRLK7224NKLK7224SS</p><p>LK7226BCLK7226CRLK7226NK</p><p>LK7420BCLK7420CRLK7420NK</p><p>LK7422BCLK7422CRLK7422NK</p><p>Single-Lever, Ferrara KitchenHeavy brass constructionCeramic disc cartridgeBrushed chrome, chrome or brushed nickel finishExclusive to Marquis Showrooms</p><p>LK7122BCLK7122CRLK7122NK</p><p>LK7124BCLK7124CRLK7124NK</p><p>LK7126BCLK7126CRLK7126NK</p><p>LK7128BCLK7128CRLK7128NK</p><p>LK7622BCLK7622CRLK7622NK</p><p>Heavy brass constructionCeramic disc cartridgeBrushed chrome, chrome or brushed nickel finishLK7224 also available in stainless steel finishExclusive to Marquis Showrooms</p><p>A lot goes in to make the water come out right</p><p>Faucets</p><p>Faucets</p><p>Elkay ADA Compliant faucets are the correct choice</p><p>for residential, classroom and commercial use. Choose</p><p>from our complete selection of washerless, drip-free,</p><p>splash-free faucets that fit just about every standard</p><p>sink application.</p><p>Youll find durable construction in every Elkay faucet:</p><p>from tubular brass spouts to cast brass bodies to </p><p>die-cast metal handles all heavily chrome plated.</p><p>Offered in a variety of spout heights, our faucets </p><p>are available in single-lever, easy-to-grab models,</p><p>wing handles, and 4 and 5 blade handle designs. </p><p>Elkay faucets are made of non-corrosive materials, </p><p>permanently lubricated, completely self-contained</p><p>with easy-to-change flow control cartridges that are </p><p>precision enginered with contro...</p></li></ul>


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