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  • 1. Submitted By :-Anita Kala (FT13109)Great Lakes Institute of Management

2. INTRODUCTION Caption for the ad :-BANDE ACCHE HAIN This is ICICI Prudentials recent ad whoseessence is Taking responsibility withoutmentioning..Ad :- 3. SUBMODALITIES(VISUAL) Scenarios where care is VISIBLE(marriage scene, road sidewalk scene) Colors :- Bright visuals used to showcase positivity Demonstrates care at every stage of life(child, youth, old) 4. AUDITORY Soft and soothing music Positive Associations :- Heart touching Lyricsand caring men in our lives Tempo maintained throughout the ad Syn with the audio :- Repetition of wordsbande acche hain Soft drum beats in the music 5. KINESTHETIC Focuses on holding handwhich symbolizesresponsibility Scenarios where feelingsare at their peak Revolves around EQ ofviewers 6. DETAILED OREINTATION The entire ad shows multiple scenarios atdifferent places such as wedding scene, childrunning at the metro station, girl at the school In detail touch of every relationship(father-daughter, husband wife) 7. PRIMARY MODE OF PERCEPTION :-ALLSEEING SENSINGHEARING Scenes have Touch things to Musicthroughout Warmth of see/peoplethe ad relationships to watch Lot of visuals Clear lyrics 8. EXTERNAL FRAME OF REFERENCE All the scenarios show care for family(others) Essence is the TRUST your loved ones haveon you. Wherever/whenever family needed menshowed responsibility 9. TOWARDS PLEASURE & AWAY FROM PAINTOWARDS PLEASUREAWAY FROM PAIN Groom holding the Old man giving shade tobrides handprotect from sunlight Man changing position withdaughter to avoid the childgetting scolding from herteacher 10. OPTIONS OREINTED The ad is options oriented as actors usemultiple ways to show their care. Hiding a mistake, showing care by ensuringsafety 11. ACTION PREFERENCE ACTIVE :- Actions done are synonyms to taking care. Involvement of all the actors in the scene Full of energy and life/lively ad 12. RESPONSE TO CHANGE - DIFFERENCE Wonderful and different experiences wherelove and affection comes out beautifully. All stages of life ,i.e., childhood, youth and oldcouple