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Jordan Palmeri, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Green Building Program


  • 1. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)Development TrendsMore details: Transportation SeminarNovember 14th, 2014Jordan PalmeriOregon Dept of Environmental

2. Overview1.Whats an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)?2.Why does Oregon DEQ like them?3.Development trends4.Occupancy stats5.ADU potential 3. Whats an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a second dwelling unit on a single family residential lot. Theyre also called granny flats, mother-in-law suites, in-law suites, etc.Photo: City of Santa Cruz 4. Why does Oregon DEQ like them? 5. Building Small isa green building strategy 6. House size has increasedSource: City of Milwaukie and URBSWORKS 7. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality1 person16% 2 persons31% 3+ persons53% Share of Households by Size, 1960State of Oregon1 person19% 2 persons33% 3+ persons48% 1970State person23% 2 persons35% 3+ persons42% 1980State person25% 2 persons36% 3+ persons39% 1990State person26% 2 persons36% 3+ persons38% 2000State person27% 2 persons36% 3+ persons37% 2010State Oregon 8. Why focus on ADUs?Mismatch between household size and house size (consumption patterns)Single family construction has largest sqft/person ratios64% of Oregon population in single family detachedGood way to introducing smaller SF housing to marketMultifamily already smallMost ADUs are urban infill that utilize existing infrastructureNice package that had potential environmental, social, and economic benefitsWanted to leverage other momentum in ADU industry 9. ADU permits in Portland, OR 10. Where are ADUs being built? 11. Where are ADUs being built? 12. Where are ADUs being built? 13. Where are ADUs being built? 14. Where are ADUs being built? 15. Where are ADUs being built? 16. Survey Research of ADU ownersTable2:FinalResponseRatesTarget CompletesTotal CompletesValid SampleResponse RatePortland24829067343.2%Eugene82499153.8%Ashland57306645.5%Total36983044.6% 17. Are ADUs providing housing? 18. Household SizeAverage ADU household size = 1.45 people 19. ADU owner status? 20. Who lives in ADUs? 21. Who lives in ADUs? 22. Who lives in ADUs?Tenant age class55+35-5425-34


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