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  • June 14th 2016

    Introduction to AwinguSteve Meynen & Ralph Van Lysebeth

  • Basic facts about Awingu, the company

    Founded in 2011 14M capital raised to date Investors are mix of industrial (Proximus), VC (Hummingbird, PMV) and

    private (European captains of industry)


    CEO: Walter Van Uytven (ex Director Proximus cloud & ICT channels) Management team with senior positions across industry: Toshiba, Ingram

    Micro, Proximus, Boston Consulting Group, Bain, Samsung, Microsoft


    ReachHQ Ghent, Belgium

    SFOStrategic partnerships



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    Today, work is mobile


    Businesses have put this high on their agenda!

    yet IT departments are challenged

    24% of employees telework on a weekly basis (ZDNet)

    The average mobile worker has 3.5devices (Forbes)

    Cloud is the #3 priority of CIOs worldwide in 2015 (Gartner)

    Mobile is the #5 priority of CIOs worldwide in 2015 (Gartner)

    Security is the #1 inhibitor to move into cloud services (Gigaom)

    Legacy IT is a show-stopper to move into Cloud & Mobile

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    All your applications & files on any device

    providing secure access to the old (Legacy IT) and the

    new (SaaS, Cloud)

    One consistent workspace, optimized to

    your device

  • Awingus virtual appliance integrates with Active Directory, File Systems & all applications

    Information management and sharing

    Access to applications

    Sharing & collaboration

    Control & auditing

    Workspace Aggregator(on premise or in the cloud)

    Web/SaaS apps

    File Server

    Cloud Storage


    Legacy Apps


    Backend Infra(on premise or cloud)

    Secure Access

    In the office or on the


    Employees with private or company


    Html5 browser

    Via Single Sign-On & building on top of Microsoft RDP


  • Intuitive Usage

    Awingu feature highlights

    Application Session Sharing Usage Insights

    Multi-factor authentication Local Printing



    Smartcard support

    Note: Smartcard usage requires browser IE11 or Firefox

  • What makes Awingu unique vs. competition?



    Leverage existing investmentsEasy to deploy

    Lower TCO

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    Awingu use-cases

    Legacy on any device

    Control & optimize

    Shadow ITInterim

    solution for M&A

    Contractor management

    & usage auditing

    Also for IVSs adopting SaaS model

    Support browser


    Hassle-free teleworking

    & BYOD

  • Live Demo


  • Awingu has a footprint across the B2B spectrum

    COR & Gov.(+1K seats)

    SMB & Local Gov.(20-1K seats)

    Small Bus.(0-20 seats)

    Segment Reference customers

    Via Service Providers:

    Local gov.


  • What our customers, partners & resellers tell usAwingu is one of the tools that help enable an easy, fast and smooth way for businesses to transition into a Mobile-First and Cloud-First world.Steven Guggenheimer, CVP and Chief Evangelist, Microsoft

    Awingu is easy to deploy and configure. It simplifies the typical complications of Windows domains admin, hiding everything under a simple web interface.Victor Stanescu, R&D Manager, GTS Telecom Romania

    There is no need to install client software, connections are always secure, and no complex VPN setup is needed, which means happier users and fewer support calls. Hans-Willem Verwoerd, IT Infrastructure and Security consultant, Lantech BV.

    When I look at the whole picture, going mobile with Awingu is a good solution and great investment Marc Alen, President of sub-committee ICT, Belgian Local Police


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  • Appendix


  • Minimum requirements for Awingu



    Microsoft Domain Controller(s) based on Windows 2008 (R2) or Windows 2012 ( R2) (note: Azure AD is not sufficient)

    Or: Linux based server(s) with openldap installed

    (Legacy or desktop) Applications need to be virtualized and running centrally on a server

    Windows Server (s) with Microsoft TS or RDS role enabled There should be valid Microsoft RDS CALs in place

    Have a valid SaaS subscription Configure the SaaS to point to Awingu for the authentication

    Microsoft or Linux server(s) Shares based on CIFS or WebDAV protocol

    Run the Awingu software

    Back-end infrastructure

    Application Servers

    (legacy server desktop)

    AD or LDAP

    Web / SaaS apps


    Virtual Machine (Hyper-V, Vmware ESX, KVM) running in private cloud, or public cloud (e.g. Azure, EC2, Softlayer, )

    Advised min specs for 100 concurrent users: 8 vCPU, 8Gb Ram

    Connectivity Current fix & mobile broadband connections are sufficient

    Bandwidth: heavy user will consume ca. 250Kb up & download Latency: should be below 200ms for decent user experience

  • Awingu is acclaimed by the ICT channel


  • The Frequently Asked Questions (1/2)Back-up


    Awingu is a Service providerNo, Awingu is a software vendor. We do however sell our software to Service Providers so they can build an offering around it. Also, we are part of cloud marketplaces such as Azure Marketplace

    Awingu offers VDINo, we are built around aggregation of applications and files. We dont rely on a desktop, or desktop experience for that matter. It is possible to put a Remote Desktop behind Awingu should you want to have this specific usage.

    Awingu runs my applicationsNo, Awingu will connect to application servers, SaaS, Web apps and files. It will not host/Run the applications or files within the (Awingu) appliance. We want to be as little disruptive as possible to an existing IT architecture.

    Awingu requires me to rewrite my applicationsNo, the Awingu solution makes the applications available in any browser as is. No (auto) rewriting of the application is done, nor required.

    Awingu, the solution

  • The Frequently Asked Questions (2/2)Back-up


    I already have MDM so I cant leverage on AwinguIn certain use cases the Awingu solution eliminates the need of an MDM solution. However, often Awingu will co-exist with MDM, sometimes for different use-cases (e.g. Smartphones via MDM, but not tablets).

    Awingu eliminates the need of VPN/SSL setupYes, Awingu also uses an encrypted connection and supports multi factor authentication which makes it a secure solution. As such, you will still be using SSL, but in a user-friendly fashion. However, you wont have hassle-full VPN setups and login procedures to work remotely.

    Awingu is an Identity ProviderYes, we are IDP and offer SSO for SaaS. Today, this is mainly for Office 365 and Google Apps for Work. This will significantly extend in the near future.

    Awingu, the solution

  • Awingu is a Service Provider Ready solutionMulti-tenancy (1/2)


    Global Admin

    Domain 1(tenant)

    Domain 2(tenant)

    Domain x(tenant)

    Typically the Service Provider

    Typically an organization(a business unit, a customer)

    Typically end-users(but can also be organization, group of users)Org 1a Org 1b


    Org 2 Org x


  • Awingu is a Service Provider Ready solutionMulti-tenancy (2/2)


    The global admin can Create new domains/tenants Manage system wide settings (e.g.

    SNMP setup)

    Each domain (admin) can Personalize login & workspace

    (via specific domain URL) Add & manage applications, files Manage Awingu user access rights

    Each end-user can Access personal workspace,

    applications & files

    Key functionalities

    Global Admin

    Domain 1(tenant)

    Domain 2(tenant)

    Domain x(tenant)

    Org 1a Org 1b Org 2 Org x


  • Awingu aggregates your apps & files into an online workspace enabling smooth transition into cloud


    AS400 running on-prem. private cloud

    Classic MS Office with purpose built plug-ins running in AzureSSO with Office 365

    Awingu appliance running in Azure

    File Server running in Azure



    Runs in any html5 browser

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