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  • 1.Accel Community Cyber ProgramEncouraging and Inspiring youth to ACCEL(Achieve, Confidence, Caring, Excellent, Leadership)
    • Serving grades 1-9
  • 2. Christian discipline and values

3. Affordable program fee 4. Partnering with Cyber Charter Schools 5. State of the Art Technologyprovided 6. Community Service Opportunities 7. Extra Curricular Activities 8. Afterschool & Community ProgramsA Cyber Learning Community
9. Vision
Our desire is to inspire a cycle of learning by
teaming with Cyber Charter Schools and other
community-based agencies that provide valuable
services to youth and families that will inspire
respect for self, peers, community, and gain a
new and exciting love for learning.
Throughout daily interactions,
Accels staff strive to instill in each
youth Christian valuesthat they
can apply in their personal lives
and in todays worlds.
10. Program & Services

  • Accel Serves grades 1-12

11. Christian discipline and values 12. Affordable program fee 13. Partnering with Cyber Charter Schools 14. State of the Art Technology Provided 15. Community Service Opportunities 16. Extra Curricular Activities 17. Afterschool & Community Programs 18. Field Trips 19. Breakfast and Lunch Provided