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  • 1. Company Overview August, 2010

2. Company Overview

  • Mission
    • The preeminent catalyst to the growth and success of technology companies in the quest for an international market expansion.
  • Corporate History
    • TransAccel, LLCwas established
    • in June 2001 with its headquarters
    • based in Cupertino, California,
    • USA. Our regional offices are located throughout Asia with
    • coverage of countries in Japan, Greater China, South East
    • Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

3. Executive Management

  • Wilson Chandra
  • CEO & Founder
  • Anthony Wong
    • Managing Director, South Pacific
  • Raymond Koh
    • Managing Director,South East Asia
  • KC Choy
    • Managing Director , Greater China
  • Joseph Thum
    • VP of Business Development, South East Asia
  • Atsuhiko Fukuda
    • VP of Business Development, Japan

Wilson Chandra Anthony Wong Atsuhiko Fukuda KC Choy Joseph Thum Raymond Koh 4. Managing Director, Australia/New Zealand

  • 30 years of executive management, sales and engineering experience
  • as he takes on the prominent role of Managing Director for South
  • Pacific at TransAccel. Prior to taking the helm at TransAccel, Mr.Wong was the Country Manager for Equator One Pte Ltd, and was responsible for setting up distribution channels and managing the performance of resellers to maximize sales and profitability for the company in the Australia/New Zealand region.
  • Held various executive management positions that include:
    • Alcatel
    • Newbridge Networks
    • West End Networks Limited
    • Motorola Information Systems Group
  • Mr. Wong holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with First Class Honors from the University of Hong Kong and an MBA from University of Brunel, England.

Anthony Wong 5.

  • Common Shortfalls in Establishing
  • anInternational Presence :
    • Inability to identify suitable sales/distribution channels and lack of proactive monitoring efforts on sales channel performance
    • Unfamiliarity of the legal, business, and cultural factors pertaining to each country
    • Delays in responding to market needs, ex. pre-sales and technical support; RFI/RFP
    • Lack of proper planning, market analysis; localization of products and agreements to
    • fit the legal, cultural and marketing requirements of the foreign country
  • Results of Unsuccessful
  • Business Ventures Overseas:
    • Delay in revenue generation
    • Excessive expenditure from misallocated resources and time
    • A weaker position against competitors within the industry globally
    • Failure in achieving the full potential revenue anticipated from a particular region

The Challenge 6. The TransAccel Advantage

    • Extensive contacts with sales channels and strategic partners throughout the Asia Pacific region
    • Successfully served over 45 vendors across various IT networking technologies
    • Well experienced in helping companies to reduce costs while creating strong product image and gaining reputable market acceptance
    • Strategize market selection and determine target markets for the products
    • Have worked extensively with both enterprise and service provider markets
    • The principle "We are not just a consulting firm and you are not just a client, but we work as part of your team in achieving a long-term success in the international market. Your success is our success.

TransAccel is a world-class business accelerator comprised of experienced professionals with extensiveknowledge of channel and marketing development to help technology companiesachieve quick and successful market penetration intotheAsia-Pacificregion. 7. Customers Airespace, Inc. (Cisco) Amber Networks (Nokia) Array Networks Aruba Networks Avici Systems, Inc. Aylus Networks BayPackets (Genband) Code Green Networks Colubris Networks (HP) Coyote Point Systems Encore Networks Exavio Gigabit Optics Inkra Networks Hatteras Networks Internet Photonics (Ciena) Intersense Megisto Systems Narus OnSite Systems Overture Networks Packet Design Passave (PMC Sierra) Procera Networks Quarry Technologies Tropic Networks Tropos Networks Venturi Wireless Viascope XRoads Networks 8. Testimonials "Performance with past market development firms were really not to our satisfaction until we met Wilson Chandra and his team, and decided to work with them. They helped us identify and strategically penetrate key markets, and connected us with top notch partners, thus enabling us to build a successful business in a relatively short timeframe. They helped increase revenues and expanded our presence into new markets with minimum investment and risk exposure. I will not hesitate to call upon Wilson and his experienced team again if I need to engage a market accelerator in Asia-Pacific." Francois Le, Former Executive Tropos Networks "JYC (now TransAccel) worked very hard to help Passav identify new business opportunities in Asia-Pacific that matched our company's goals and objectives for new challenges and growth. We were very happy with JYC's effort and results that came out during our business relationship and I truly look forward to continue building a relationship with them in the future as we expand our international presence." Ariel Maislos, President Passav, Inc. "JYC (now TransAccel) delivered on its 'Instant Access to Asia-Pacific' promise and enabled us to successfully open a strategic market quickly and cost efficiently." Patrick Glenn, Founder Venturi Wireless