Aborigine s. Who are they? Aborigines “First Australians”“First Australians” Aborigine: Latin meaning “from the beginning”Aborigine: Latin meaning “from

Download Aborigine s. Who are they? Aborigines “First Australians”“First Australians” Aborigine: Latin meaning “from the beginning”Aborigine: Latin meaning “from

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<p>Aborigines</p> <p>AboriginesWho are they?AboriginesFirst AustraliansAborigine: Latin meaning from the beginning</p> <p>When did they come?When? Debated!20,000-60,000 years agoMaybe up to 100,000 years ago</p> <p>Where did they come from?</p> <p>How did they come?</p> <p>DisagreementLand bridgeIsland HoppersAboriginal ClansClan language group who owned a section of land100 peopleOne or two extended families (bands)Bands hunted and gathered togetherMet with other clans Totem poles sign of spiritual link to the land</p> <p>Aboriginal DreamtimeStories and customs relating and explaining creationExample: WayambehThis image from the archives of LIFE magazine first appeared on December 12, 1955 Australian Aborigines Filled with the Spirit of the Kangaroo, Dancing to Honor the Sacred Marsupial </p> <p>The Walkabout</p> <p>A walkabout isA spiritual journey in which the Aborigines practice the traditional ways of their ancestorsA term coined by Europeans</p> <p>An end to Aboriginal CultureEuropeans and SovereigntySaw no permanent settlementsViewed Aborigines as savages</p> <p>William DampierEnglish explorer 1688Wrote that the Aborigines were, the miserablest people in the world. </p> <p>James CookEnglish explorer 1770in reality they are far more happier than we EuropeansIn short they seemed to set no value upon anything we gave them, nor would they part with anything of their own for one article we could offer them.</p> <p>Laws and OrdinancesThe Nanya tribe (lower Darling river, NSW), soon after their capture in 1894</p> <p>Aboriginal Protection Act - 1869Passed to protect the AboriginesSegregation lawRestricted housing, employment, property rights, and social and daily life</p> <p>Extension of Aborigines Protection ActRemoved Aboriginals of mixed descent from Aboriginal stationsAdult half-castes forced to assimilateChildren indenturedThe Half-Caste Act of 1886</p> <p>Aboriginal Ordinance of 1918First Commonwealth law for governing Indigenous peopleGovernment control over Aboriginal livesContinued removal of half-castesAboriginal stations became work stationsLost Generation or Stolen Generation </p> <p>Aboriginal Land Rights Act of 19761st time Aborigines could legally claim rights to land based on traditional occupationRestricted20 year limit (1997)Problem: lack of evidence</p> <p>City AboriginesSubstandard housingLow levels of educationPoor healthLow levels of employmentConsiderable poverty</p> <p>How do European Australians feel about the horrible injustice of the Aborigines?EmbarrassedResentful</p> <p>The Whites always mean well when they take human fish out of the ocean and try to make them dry and warm and happy and comfortable in a chicken coop.Mark Twain once wrote after visiting Australia:</p>