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A Famous Australians PPT developed for the Unit of WOrk- Famous Autralians


  • 1.Famous Australians
    Australians are famous for their sports, art, music, showmanship, literature, war heroes and medical breakthroughs, to name a few.
    Yet some are notorious for others, maybe not so good things but they are infamous for crimes and represent a part of the history of Australia.

2. Sport
Australia is a sport fanatic country and the Australians passions for sports show in their many sports achievements, both local and international.
Popular sports include football, cricket, running, soccer, car-racing, golf and tennis.
3. Golf
Webb, Karrie
Norman, Greg
4. Golf
Webb, Karrie
Latest achievement: 2000: won the US Open
36 years old
Norman, Greg
6 Australian Masters and 5 Australian Open champion ships
2 British Open championships
55 years old
5. Tennis
Laver, Rod
ABC Sportsman
Of the year in 1969
Worlds best
Ever Tennis
6. Soccer
Kewell, Harry
Played in World Cup 2010
Got red card when playing against Ghana
7. Car/motorbike-Racing
Jones, Alan
Doohan, Mick
Brock, Peter
Brabham, Jack
Brabham, Jack
Doohan, Mick
8. Swimming
Gould, Shane
First Australian to win 5 Olympic Medals at one Olympic Games
14 years old when she broke first world record
9. Running
Freeman, Cathy
First Aborginal Australian to win Olympic medal
Good medal in Commonwealth games
Australian of the year in 1998
10. Rugby
Fulton, Bob
Campese, David
1991, Australian World Cup best player of the year
Barassi, Ron
11. Tennis
Court, Margaret
Cawley, Evonne
First Aborginal Australian to represent Australia in world tennis
1980- second mother to win Wimbledon
12. War
Blamey, Thomas- WW2
Bullwinkel, Vivian- military nurse
13. War
Chauvel, Harry- Gallipoli
Kirkpatrick, John Simpson- transported wounded soldiers from the frontline to the beach on donkeyduring WW1 at Gallipoli
Shot at war
Simpson and his donkey became image of Anzac spirit
Statue at War Memorial, Canberra
14. War
Parer, Damien- photographer
Saunders, Reg- first aboriginalarmy officer
15. Dance/Music
Borovansky,Edouard- balletdancer
Formed Melbourne Academy of Russian Ballet
16. Dance/Music
Murphy, Graeme- joined Australian Ballet school 15- youngest male student
Directed Sydney Dance Company
Young, Simone
Pianist who wanted to conduct
Got a break when somebody fell sick
First woman to conduct Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
17. Music/Dance
Sutherland, Joan-opera singer
Greatest sopranos in 20thcentury
Groomed Pavarotti
La Stupenda- the Great one
Yunupingu, Mandawuy- Aborginal singer and sang at Sydney Olympic Games in 20000
18. Art/Literature
Skyes, Roberto- Aboriginal writer
Wheeler, Maureen and Tony- Lonely Planet
Morgan, Sally- Human rights
Carey, Peter- writer of Oscar and Lucinda
(Booker Prize)
19. Medical
Clark, Graeme-
Invented the Bionic Ear
in 1978
His own father was deaf
20. Film/ Show Business
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman
Mel Gibson
Hutchence, Michael- INXS
Paul Hogan, Crocodile Dundee
21. Film/Show Business
Macpherson, Elle- model
Newton-John, Olivia
22. Others: Crime
Kelly, Ned- bushranger in steel armour
23. Others: Crime
Taylor, Squizzy- gangster
Evaded the law
Wrote to newspapers to tease his pursuers
24. Others:
Rubinstein, Helena- cosmetics
There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.
Coles, George- Coles Retail Store
25. Others:
Walton, Nancy-Bird- woman pilot
Thomas, Andy- first Australian astronaut to go space
Travelled around Earth 2000 times
Answers questions by children
26. Others
Boyd, Robin- Architecture
Built Churchill House, Canberra and Uni of Melbourne
Brown, Bob- Environmentalist
Protects nature
Won 1982 Australian