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Social Media StrategyBy-Abhishek Anand (IIM-INDORE)

Why Social media Marketing (SMM) matter?We are in a business of online marketplaceOne of cost effective ways to target potential customersGet to hear from customers and clients directlyIncrease company visibility and helps in brandingBe ahead of your competitors and watch their actionTwo way interactions with your stakeholderIts good to be trendy and updated

Social Media AuditHaving unnecessary social presence creates a bad impress of a company. So lets figure out how to go along with this problem.

Social NetworkURL to ProfilePresenceShut DownCommentsFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/MeraMedicareLLP12,074 page likesNOImportant one in SMMTwitterhttps://twitter.com/MeraMedicare307 followersNOLess important but useful Instagram https://instagram.com/meramedicare/457 followersYESNot needed nowYou Tubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxw-62HOEsOuyW03kwHmmmgNANOUseful for videosBloghttp://meramedicare.wordpress.com/13 followersNOUseful for long writing Google+https://plus.google.com/10540872861729430310297 followersYESNot needed LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=490579747 memberNOUseful for hiring

Social networkMission StatementPost intervalType of contentFacebookPublicity and customer feedback3 times in a weekHealthy tips with promotionsTwitterCreating awareness of brandAlternate daysMotivating and fitness stuffBlogDetailed information about healthTwice in a monthLong descriptive contentYou TubeEducating customersOnce in a monthVideo message LinkedIn Corporate relationshipDependsFormal

Audit cont.We must be active on social media and as of now not much resources it needsFocusing more on user generated content which will lead to fruitful engagement on platform

Plan of ActionIncrease company visibility through more association with other brandsAsk customer to give their feedback and their needsGet more pharmacist on board and share their experience with MeramedicareInvolve collaboration with various health lifestyle startup and share content with themShow the growth in sales and number of happy customersDaily number of orders and profit making seller on websiteHire more intern like me, who can give push to your brand