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1. Information Systems End user services and collaboration services Abhishek S Rakshe (arakshe@amgen.com)Enterprise Information Systems Technical Services (EISTS)Reporting Manager - Aditi Kumar (Director IS) University of Southern California (USC)Masters in Computer Science (rakshe@usc.edu) Service Now ISM - Introduction Project# 1 - Request Management/Service CatalogCode DevelopmentThe ServiceNow ISM tool supports the Mentor - Pier Gittens (Principal IS Business System Analyst) 1. Platform: The Catalog Item is developed using thesimplified IS processes that help IS improve Project Manager - Gregory BarkerService Now tool. ServiceNow is a cloud basedservice delivery across Amgen. software platform that supports IT serviceAbstract management and automates common business As users are demanding more consistent and higher quality service, automating Service Requests provides processes. consistent routing and end-to-end visibility of IS supply chain performance. Driving all requests through the2. Code/Scripts: The Client Scripts, UI policies and Service Desk is no longer efficient or effective. There is an increasing need for the strategic view of ISBusiness Rules are written using JavaScript, Services. This was the main motivation behind the project I am doing this summer at AMGEN for the ISGlide- Ajax and other Web technologies. department. My project title is Add/Modify a Catalog Item (Service) in the Service Catalog. It enables 3. Code Snippet: the end user to help add or modify a Service. By using this new functionality we can automate the Service Requests, decrease the burden on the Service Desk and build an effective and efficient service delivery model. Introduction - Add/Modify a Service Catalog Item My Roles and Responsibilities Enables End Users/Service Owners to Add a new1. Business Analyst : I was involved in gathering the Service or modify an existing services in the Service requirements from the Stakeholders. I documented Catalog.the Requirements and Design as well. One central location for all IS services to help IS New Service provides a convenient method to add a2. Designer : Designed this new Catalog Item in the new service or modify an existing service in the ISMISM Service Now Sandbox. Built the backendstaff efficiently communicate and respond to Service Catalog.Workflow to automate the whole process.requests. A more intuitive interface featuring user-friendly This Service Catalog Item will help automate the 3. Developer : Developed the Catalog Item in ISM process of an effective and efficient service delivery. Service Now Sandbox. Wrote the code/scripts forreports that support more robust analysis. Compliance controls that are integrated into the It will decrease the # of tickets raised which will helpthe frontend as well as backend functionality. reduce burden on the Service Desk. 4. Unit Tester : Unit tested the new code to test theCode snippettools workflow, reducing manual effort. functionality as per the requirements.What is ISM Service Catalog?4. Operating System: Windows platform. ImplementationService Catalog provides a central view of Catalog Realizing the Vision (Future)IS Services with automated workflow to Holistic view of the Requestroute and track Service Requests. Fulfillment process End-to-end serviceperformance and costs aremonitored and measured Effective and efficient delivery of services Consistent delivery of service that meet or exceedexpectationsProject# 2 - Redesign the SharePoint Websitefor Integrated Service Management (ISM) AbstractIn this project, I am redesigning the old website forISM. It involves restructuring of the old Webpage,adding new useful content, standardizing designas per AMGEN standards. The site contains all theHow Service Catalog Works?important information on the Shared documentrepositories, Change Management, KnowledgeResource Center, ISM tool, Quality Center etc.Currently I am working on the project and recentlyDesign UI finished with the first prototype. Prototype# 1The Amgen IS Service Catalog VisionThe Service Catalog should be face of the ISOrganization. It should be the first place users go tofind IS services. It should become the centralized,single source for locating and acquiring IS services,both from the end user community, as well asbetween IS departments. The standardization of thecatalog and its related processes and workflows willenable improved budgeting and forecasting andidentify precisely where money is being spent. - Diana McKenzie (paraphrased) July 27, 2010 Catalog WorkshopWorkflow