5 tricks to do awesome presentations

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How to create awesome presentations just improving in 5 areas. Easy and fast. You will be doing great presentations in no time.


  • 1. Please kill me
  • 2. Guy Kawasaki
  • 3. People put everything they want to say in the same slide emphasizing the important bits in bold. This makes the audience focus on reading what is on the screen so that they dont miss anything important. But they dont realize what really happens is that the audience is not earing what the presenter says, ruining the complete presentation and transforming it into a document viewing.
  • 4. Arial CalibriTimes New Romans Brush
  • 5. BerlinWalkwayComfortaa
  • 6. Clear enough?Clear enough?
  • 7. Comic Sans
  • 8. People think using a lot of colors will emphasizethe message What the achieve is Destroying Pupil Of the audience And avoid Completely Message transmission ..even certain epilepsy attacks have occurred.
  • 9. Use quality images
  • 10. Result of the report about R&D workers in Spain during 2011 Report done by Milton Consulting Group The average R&D worker is 35 years old. Most of them are in the biotechnology sector There are more women than men Average working hours/day = 10 this
  • 11. R&D SpanishWorker profile 35 years old Biotechnology 10 hours/day* * Source: Milton Consulting Group