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Learn from Lindwood Parker—a listing specialist in Anchorage Alaska, with over 10 successful years in the industry, as he shows you how to position yourself as the agent of choice and deliver a listing presentation that transforms seller leads into clients. Watch the webinar:


  • 1.Winning with Awesome Listing PresentationsHost: Kris Olsen Senior Trainer, Market Leader

2. What youll learn today Seven tips to win more listings Secrets to minimizing objections Steps to handle objections that do 3. TODAYS FEATURED GUEST Lindwood Parker VP of Operations Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group 4. 1: Find out their 5. NAR: Importance of Agent Reputation 57% in 200535% in 6. 2: Reframe their Why SellLIST AprilMaywww.marketleader.comJuneJulyAugustSeptember 7. 3: Explain Market: Cause and EffectTMO: Total Market Overview 8. Why Explain Market Cause and Effect? Improve sellers understanding of the market Reduce sellers emotionality and attachment to price Transform relationship from me to we Establish yourself as the expert Foster more realistic expectations Diffuse potential 9. 4: Price based on Current MarketActivewww.marketleader.comPendingSold 10. 5: Guide to Look through Buyers 11. 6: Differentiate Your Marketing 12. Whats Needed to Win Todays Buyers Internet presence is critical 92% of buyers use the internet in their home search 43% of buyers find the home they purchased online Buyers take 11-27 months before they make a 13. Whats Needed to Win Todays Buyers Buyers look for: Pictures and home details School information Neighborhood information Market conditions Short sale/foreclosure traps How to successfully purchase a home Value of their current 14. Our Blog: We Meet Todays 15. Website: Were Buyers Only 16. Market Insider: Buyers Like our 17. We Know Many 18. 7: Address Objections 19. People under stress hear only 20% of what you 20. Your Estimate is Wrong Ask for their reasoning Listen carefully Paint a picture of pleasure vs. 21. Another Agent Can Sell it for More Your house will perform based on whats happening in the 22. How Can I Increase the Value? Answer objectively Share 23. Your Commission is too High My job is to help you meet your goal Heres the information you need Heres the timing we should 24. Were Not Ready Yet Explain natural results in relation to their goalSellLIST AprilMaywww.marketleader.comJuneJulyAugustSeptember 25. I Want to Talk with Another Agent What questions have I not yet answered for you? 26. 7: Address Objections 27. Win More Listings 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.Find out their why Reframe their why Explain market: Cause and effect 555: Price based on current market Guide to look through buyers eyes Differentiate your marketing strategy Address objections 28. Whats Your Next Step for Listings? 29. Winning with Awesome Listing