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  • 1. KEEPING IT SIMPLE Limit your text and bullet points No paragraphs! White space The more you have the better! Graphics and Transitions Keep it to the minimum Be professional Consistency!
  • 2. No matter the font, make sure the text can be read from the back of the room
  • 3. COLOR SCHEMES Analogous colors Next to each other on the color wheel Complementary colors Across each other on the color wheel Based on nature Color combinations found in nature
  • 4. COLOR (CONTINUED) CONTRAST Hue Distance on Color Wheel Value Creates large contrasts Black and white being the highest Saturation Level of color and transparency
  • 5. GRAPHICS PROFESSIONAL Professional Focus audiences attention CARTOON Too childish Not taken seriously
  • 6. SUMMARY Keep it simple Lots of negative space Think twice about color Contrast, contrast, contrast! Nothing cartoon, keep it professional Be consistent