4 Smartphone Apps That Make Driving Easier

Download 4 Smartphone Apps That Make Driving Easier

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<ul><li><p> www.motoraty.com </p><p>4 Smartphone Apps That Make Driving Easier </p><p>Best four mobile apps to download now. There is no trend that has changed how we use computers </p><p>more than the app. </p><p>Driving can be a very relaxing past-time as well as a very exhausting endeavour depending on what the </p><p>occasion is. We all have those days where we spend hours looking for our destination but end up getting </p><p>miserably lost instead or we stuck hopelessly in traffic. The best thing to do is get smart about it and </p><p>make the most of your driving journey. You can do that with Smartphone apps and I have taken the </p><p>liberty of listing some of the most ingenious ones below. </p><p>Google Maps </p><p>Many hail this app as a Godsend, completely free on both iPhone and Android; this app has made paper </p><p>maps almost obsolete. This free navigation app is probably one of the biggest of its kind with the maps </p><p>of all ajor ities of the orld at your figertips. It orks y utilisig your phoes GPS ad iteret connection to download maps of your area, triangulate your position and map out your route. </p><p>Waze </p><p>Available for free on both Android and Apple iPhone, this is one of the largest community based traffic </p><p>and navigation app in the world. Users input and receive traffic updates in real time which can </p><p>potentially save you a lot of time and money on fuel. So, whether it is an accident or a traffic jam, you </p><p>can see the live updates on your phone and take alternate routes. It also offers a turn-by-turn navigation </p><p>feature and you can even add your friends on the app, so that when you all are driving to the same </p><p>destiatio you a see eah others ETA o this app. </p></li><li><p> www.motoraty.com </p><p>Find My Car </p><p>Another free app for Android and Apple mobile phones, this application helps you find where you </p><p>parked your car or any other saved location. The app relies on your GPS location to locate where you </p><p>forgot your car. You just have to log into the app and after getting your GPS coordinates, hit the park key </p><p>on the app. The app saves your GPS coordinates which are accurate up to 5 metres, so if you forgot </p><p>where you parked your car, you can just turn on the app and use that to locate it easily. </p><p>Pandora Radio </p><p>This app though not strictly a driving app per se but it comes in very handy while driving. The app uses </p><p>your phoes iteret oetio to gie you aess to ore tha s of iteret radio statios. The app offers a century of popular recordings not just limited to songs and the option to make a </p><p>personalised list of up to 100 radio stations you like. Its aailale for Adroid ad Apple iPhoe for free, however your data carrier will charge for the bandwidth you use. </p><p>What all these apps have in common is the convenience they offer to commuters. So, the next time </p><p>youre leaig for soehere just heck out the directions with Google Maps, use Waze to see traffic updates for your route, liste to Padora radio o the go ad eploy Fid My Car to sae your ars parked location. </p><p>--- </p><p>About </p><p>motoraty.com is a premium destination in the Middle East where we make car buying so easy. We </p><p>at motoraty.com have engineered the way online car shopper can navigate, search, and find what they </p><p>are looking for. </p><p>motoraty.com offers credible and easy to understand information from consumers and car experts to </p><p>help car buyers formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a new or </p><p>used car. With comprehensive pricing information, dealer reviews, car comparison tools, financial tools, </p><p>and a rich multimedia section that includes photo and video galleries, and unbiased editorial content. In </p><p>addition, motoraty.com offers the latest car news locally and globally. </p><p>With a detailed car section and comprehensive information, motoraty.com put car buyers behind the </p><p>wheel, and in control. </p><p>Motoraty.com was launched in June 2013, and it is available both in English and Arabic languages. </p><p>Founded by Johny Giacaman who has extensive experience in digital media. </p><p>More details about Johny Giacaman </p></li></ul>