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  • 1. IT1710PresentationSmartphoneCheung Chung Yin 11018909Hung Man Fong 11009608Sin Paak Ying 11003677

2. Todays outlineContents Project Manpower ConclusionObjectiveof webWork flowdistribution pages 3. Project Work Flow1. PlanningBrainstorming ideas of the topic (Mindmeister) and theobjective2. Collection of data(a) library database- EBSCOHosts Academic SearchPremier)(b) Online search engine- YouTube(c) Online survey- Qualtrics3. Designing and Producing The content, the layout and the target audience of webpages (Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver)4. Bias checking 4. Planning-objectiveBusiness EducationLiving Entertainment 5. Planning-objective To investigate the way people usesmartphone To investigate how populareducational apps are To investigate the influence and thebenefits of using educational apps 6. Collection of dataLibraryInternet Survey Journal/magazin Video Online Survey:e Search engine: Qualtrics Database: YouTube Information:EBSCOHosts- 9 questionsAcademic - 39 responseSearch Premier - The characteristics of people using educational apps in smartphone 7. Conclusion from the survey Educational apps are useful Lack of promotion Its better to increase the variety ofthe educational apps 8. Designing and ProducingIntroductio StructurenMind mapSurveySurveyOpening (Flash) Main Page resultsQuestion 1SlideshowQuestion 2 AnalysisQuestion 3VideoQuestion 4ReferenceQuestion 5 9. Designing and Producing Contents 10. Manpower distribution StageTask/responsible byCo Co Mandy Sin PaakPlanningBrainstorming ideas Mind map Collection of Web search dataLibrary searchSetting up the survey Analysis of the survey result Midterm presentation Designing and Dreamweaver production (opening and main page)Dreamweaver (introduction an mind map)Dreamweaver(analysis) Dreamweaver (survey an survey results)Dreamweaver (slideshow, video and reference)Final checking Final Presentation 11. Conclusion Strength: informativeWeakness: not enoughentertainment and interactivity Possible improvements:May include games in the website 12. End