3.2 paleolithic age (old stone age)… 2 million y.a. – 8000 bce hunter-gatherers always looking...

Download 3.2 Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age)… 2 million y.a. – 8000 BCE Hunter-gatherers Always looking for food Used caves for shelter Neolithic Age (New Stone

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  • 3.2Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age)2 million y.a. 8000 BCEHunter-gatherersAlways looking for foodUsed caves for shelterNeolithic Age (New Stone Age)8000 BCE 3000 BCEGrew their own food = AgricultureBuilt permanents sheltersSettled down in one placeNeolithic settlements: Fertile Crescent - east of the Mediterranean Sea. Land was fertile.

  • 3.3 Stable Food SupplyIn Paleolithic times, the food supply washunted animals and gathered plants found in the wild.

    In the Neolithic AgeWe domesticated animals like sheep, goats, cattle, and mules.Important?Learning to farm gave us a stable food supply

  • 3.4 Making Permanent ShelterPaleolithic timeswas temporary, in caves or rough tent-like structures

    2 facts in Neolithic Age:Made houses of mud mixed with stones and branchesHad several rooms. Food stored under floor. Cooking pit in floor.Important?Protect from weather and animalsLife more comfortableNew ways of cookingAllowed for larger communities

  • 3.5 Establishing Communities

    Paleolithic times20-60 people who wandered in search of food

    2 facts in Neolithic Age:Larger communitiesAllowed us to do different jobsAllowed us to work together to do a task fasterImportant?Invent new ways to make life safer and more comfortableEasier to defend ourselvesMore time and energy for other activities

  • 3.6 Developing New JobsPaleolithic timesfinding food for survival

    2 facts in Neolithic Age:Farmers grow a surplus (more than they need)Weaving, basket making, toolmaking, tradingGot better at jobs because we focused on one thing (specialized skills)Important?One job gave chance to find better ways of doing thingsGave us more variety in our community (decorative, trade items)

  • 3.7 Beginning to Trade

    Paleolithic timespeople used only the resources found nearby

    2 facts in Neolithic Age:Traded to get resources not found in our areaTraders traveled hundreds of miles: walking, riding donkeys, sailing on ships

    Important?Allowed us to use more resourcesSee how others live, spread knowledge, and ideas