2016–2017 d. ferd swaney elementary closure/re-alignment


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20162017 D. Ferd Swaney Re-Alignment

20162017 D. Ferd Swaney Elementary CLOSURE/RE-ALIGNMENT

AGASD ADMINISTRATIONMr. Carl Bezjak, SuperintendentMs. Beth Hutson, Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum CoordinatorMr. Chris Pegg, Director of Transportation/Secondary SupervisorMrs. Candy Jordon, Federal Funds Coordinator/Elementary SupervisorMrs. Sheri Dunham, Special Education DirectorMr. Chris Bolin, Director of TechnologyMr. Bill Chesslo, Director of Facility OperationsMrs. Denise Sheetz, Controller

Mrs. Krista Baker, Principal D. Ferd Swaney Elem / AL Wilson Elem.Mrs. Renee Rosie, Principal George Plava Elem.Mrs. Candy Jordon, Principal Smithfield Elem.

Reasons behind our decisionFunding DecreaseDeclining Enrollment (decrease of 1,157 students since 1988)Under-utilization of new, certified Green building

Comparison of State RevenuesBasic Ed Increase (Decrease) over prior yearBasic Ed TotalBasis Ed SubsidyStimulus SupplementReady to Learn Block Grant2008-09N/A22,118,944.0022,118,944.000.000.002009-10765,401.0022,884,345.0020,185,542.002,698,803.400.002010-11631,014.0023,515,359.0019,270,680.004,233,679.000.002011-12(1,396,400.00)22,118,959.0022,118,959.000.000.002012-13(15.00)22,118,944.0022,118,944.000.000.002013-14314,061.4022,433,005.0022,433,,895.0023,084,900.0022,433,005.000.00651,895.00Comparison of State RevenuesCyber/Charter ReimbursementEducational Assistance ProgramAccountability Block GrantDual Enrollment2008-09190,827.00363,289.00921,602.0038,600.002009-10220,161.00308,830.00921,602.0014,730.002010-11207,560.00260,680.00864,223.0015,046.002011-1200339,542.0002012-1300339,542.0002013-1400339,542.0002014-150000Comparison of TOTAL REVENUESComparison of revenues

Loss of TITLE I FundingTitle I AllocationDecrease from prior year2010-112,352,980.00N/A2011-122,265,564.0087,416.002012-132,237,751.0027,813.002013-142,125,863.00111,888.002014-151,913,276.00212,587.002015-161,817,612.0095,664.00Combined Loss to Present $535,368.00Declining enrollmentDistrict Wide Feasibility Study conducted by: Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & AssociatesThe student enrollment in the District is likely to continue a moderate decrease over the next several years. PDE enrollment projections for 2017-2018 indicate a decrease of about 11.4% over the next few years.An analysis between regional and local historic trends in the AGASD indicate the potential for student to decrease with the possibility of minimal growth over the long term.Enrollment projection models include basic limitations such as: internal school district policy changes, external factors, and other considerations such as emerging and changing housing and population trends, all of which can have an effect on the accuracy of the program.Construction of new housing, annual live birth data and the status of the Districts total parochial, private and home school students will have a direct effect on theenrollment projections and should be monitored annually. Although it is apparent that while the student enrollment of the district will likely begin to decrease over the next few years, there is no anticipated significant decrease in overall district population expected in the near future.

ENROLLMENT CHANGES TO DATESchool YearEnrollment CountIncrease/Decrease from previous yearSchool YearEnrollment CountIncrease/Decrease from previous year1987-884509-1282000-014240-471988-894383-1262001-024157-831989-904348-352002-034098-591990-914280-682003-044027-711991-924318+382004-053912-1151992-934235+832005-063924+121993-944269+342006-073821-1031994-954368+992007-083811-101995-964270-992008-093763-481996-974296+262009-103585-1781997-984319+232010-113591+61998-994284-352011-123561-301999-004287+32012-133438-1232013-143413-252014-153352-61TOTAL DECREASE FROM 1988-2014 = 1,157LOW Enrollment TREND

Building UtilizationA.L. Wilson was constructed in 2008 and is a LEED Certified Green building. It is currently only 55% utilized.

Building Under-UtilizationD. Ferd Swaney Elementary is currently only being 66% utilized.Approximate annual cost of building usage - $2,000,000.00

Looking ahead - TransportationD. FERD SWANEY TO GEORGE PLAVAStudents living along Walnut Hill Road from Oven Road to Strickland Estates will attend George Plava Elementary School.This includes Continental 3, Hays, and Amend. The border will extend to the intersection of Ball Diamond Road and Amend Road by Walnut Hill Church.Students living along York Run Road from the Walnut Hill Road intersection to York Run Road at Hope Road will also attend George Plava Elementary School.D. FERD SWANEY TO SMITHFIELD ELEMENTARYStudents living along Fox Hollow Road at Liberty Street intersection to Jackie Franks Road at Haydentown Hill Road intersection will attend Smithfield Elementary School.Smithfield Elementarys border will extend to Haydentown Hall Road at 857 intersection.Students living along Mudpike Road to Miller Road will attend Smithfield Elementary School.Students living along 119 from Big Six Road into Smithfield will attend Smithfield Elementary School.

D. FERD SWANEY TO A.L. WILSONAll other students that live in the current D. Ferd Swaney attendance area will attend A.L. Wilson

Looking ahead - TransportationStudents living along Smithfield High House Road to Fan Hollow Road will attend Smithfield Elementary School. This will include students living along Gilmore Road.

Students living along Sleepy Hollow Road to the intersection at Township Drive will attend Smithfield Elementary School.

Looking ahead - TransportationOven Road to George Plava7.1 milesStrickland Estates to George Plava5.2 milesHope Road to George Plava5.6 milesHope Road at Walnut Hill Rd to George Plava6.2 milesBall Diamond Road at Walnut Hill Rd to George Plava6.8 milesCenter Road at Walnut Hill Rd (Jarret) to George Plava5.8 milesWalnut Hill Road at Oven Rd to Walnut Hill Rd at Sunshine Hollow Road2.1 milesExtended George Plavas border by 2.1 miles in the direction at WalnutHill Road at Oven RoadAmend/Collier Road at Ball Diamond Road to George Plava6.1 milesAmend/Collier Road at Walnut Hill Road to George Plava5.2 miles

Looking ahead - TransportationFan Hollow Road to Smithfield Elementary2.6 milesGilmore Road to Smithfield Elementary2.3 milesBig Six Road at Morgantown Road (119) to Smithfield Elementary2.0 milesMudpike Road at Miller Road to Smithfield Elementary3.5 milesHaydentown Hill Road at 857 to Smithfield Elementary2.4 milesSleepy Hollow Road at Township Drive to Smithfield Elementary2.9 milesFox Hollow Road at Liberty Street to Haydentown Hill Road at 8572.1 milesFox Hollow Road at Liberty Street to Miller Road at Mudpike Road3.3 miles

Extended Smithfields border by 3.3 milesFox Hollow at Liberty Street to Haydentown Hill Road2.1 miles+ at Miller Road3.3 miles

Looking ahead Building Stats2016-17 Student Enrollment*Regular Ed ClassroomsLearning Support ClassroomsLife Skills ClassroomsAL Wilson3621621Smithfield3371420George Plava3401520

*Numbers are projections only.Looking ahead Grade Level EnrollmentsK12345AL Wilson805665504962Smithfield465072635056George Plava606072544450

Looking ahead Teacher CountsK12345AL Wilson423223Smithfield223322George Plava333222

Looking ahead Projected Average Class SizeK12345AL Wilson202822252521Smithfield202524212528George Plava202024272225