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<ul><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 1/12</p><p>Exhibito&amp; SponsoshipO p p O r t u n i t i e s</p><p>D eg</p><p>Coo C</p><p>Ca, O</p><p>Ag 2124, 201</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 2/12</p><p>cincinnatiaugus 2124, 2013</p><p>82n Anna Toastmastes</p><p>Intenationa Convention</p><p>What is Toastmasters?</p><p>Toastmasters International is a non-proteducational organization that teaches</p><p>public speaking and leadership skills</p><p>through a worldwide network o meeting</p><p>locations. Headquartered in Rancho Santa</p><p>Margarita, Caliornia, the organization</p><p>has more than 280,000 memberships in</p><p>13,500 clubs in 116 countries. Since 1924,</p><p>Toastmasters International has helpedpeople o all backgrounds become more</p><p>condent in ront o an audience.</p><p>For inormation about Toastmasters,</p><p>please visit www.toastmasters.org.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 3/12</p><p>to more than 2,000 proessionals rom around the</p><p>world. Whether your objective is to sell products,</p><p>generate leads or increase brand awareness,</p><p>exhibiting at the 2013 Toastmasters International</p><p>Convention can help you reach your goals.</p><p>International Convention attendees are commu-</p><p>nicators and leaders who share their convention</p><p>experience with ellow club members. By extension,</p><p>when you engage with convention attendees, youbroaden your reach to as many as a quarter million</p><p>potential customers.</p><p>Why exhibit at the Toastmasters International Convention?As an exhibitor at the 2013 Toastmasters International Convention, you will have an unparalleled</p><p>opportunity to engage with attendees and generate awareness o your products and services</p><p>CONNECwith leADer</p><p>Toastmasters invitesyou to participate inthe upcoming 2013</p><p>International Convention.</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 4/12</p><p>MemberspDemogrpcs</p><p>toama iaoa Mm pof:</p><p>buIldrelAtiOnship</p><p>emom id</p><p>Proessional, Scientifc, Technical Services</p><p>Finance, Insurance, Real Estate</p><p>Educational Services</p><p>Health Care, Social Assistance</p><p>Inormation</p><p>17.0%</p><p>Manuacturing</p><p>Management</p><p>Public Administration</p><p>Nonproft</p><p>Other</p><p>15.3%</p><p>8.2%</p><p>6.7%</p><p>6.6%</p><p>6.3%</p><p>5.2%</p><p>4.2%</p><p>4.1%</p><p>26.4%</p><p>Ogazaoa ro</p><p>25.8%31.7%</p><p>8.8% 8.4% 7.5%17.9%</p><p>Specialist Manager/ Supervisor</p><p>Executive Sr. Leadership(VP, Sr. Director,</p><p>Director)</p><p>Assistant/Admin</p><p>Other</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 5/12</p><p>icom</p><p>Less</p><p>than$20,000</p><p>8.8%</p><p>$20,000</p><p>to$34,999</p><p>8.8%</p><p>$35,000</p><p>to</p><p>$49,999</p><p>12.5%</p><p>$50,000</p><p>to</p><p>$74,999</p><p>21.1%</p><p>$75,000</p><p>to</p><p>$99,999</p><p>18.3%</p><p>59.696% United States</p><p>9.591% Canada</p><p>4.746% Australia</p><p>2.299% Malaysia</p><p>2.257% India</p><p>21.411% Other</p><p>Gogaca iomao</p><p>ExpANdyOur reACh</p><p>edcao</p><p>Bachelors degree Masters degree/Doctorate</p><p>degree</p><p>Some college,but no degree</p><p>Associates degree/Professional</p><p>school degree</p><p>High School/Other</p><p>38.9%</p><p>31.5%</p><p>11.1%10.5%</p><p>7.9%</p><p>$100,000</p><p>to</p><p>$150,000</p><p>20.3%</p><p>More</p><p>than</p><p>$150,000</p><p>10.2%</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 6/12</p><p>Platinum Exhibitor Package</p><p>Rate: $5,000</p><p> Exhibitor space includes 10'x5' display area with</p><p>6' skirted table, 2 chairs and electricity</p><p> Full-page ad in the event guide (distributed to</p><p>all attendees)</p><p> Recognition during streaming real time coverage</p><p>o the World Championship o Public Speaking</p><p>Contest (slide without audio)</p><p> Slide with promotional ad to be displayed in aclosed-loop product video, which will be shown</p><p>throughout the day in the convention store</p><p> Logo exposure on convention website with link</p><p>Gold Exhibitor Package</p><p>Rate: $4,000</p><p> Exhibitor space includes 10'x5' display area with</p><p>6' skirted table, 2 chairs and electricity</p><p>Full-page ad in the event guide (distributed toall attendees</p><p> Slide with promotional ad to be displayed in</p><p>closed-loop product video, which will be shown</p><p>throughout the day in the convention store</p><p> Logo exposure on convention website with link</p><p>to your website</p><p>Cyber Cae Package</p><p>Rate: $3,500</p><p>(Cyber Cae is a high-trafc area where attendees</p><p>check email and complete session surveys on</p><p>ree-standing kiosks.)</p><p> Exhibitor logo will have exclusive presence on</p><p>the home screen o each computer</p><p> Exhibitor logo will be on Cyber Ca signage</p><p> Logo exposure on convention website with link</p><p>Bag Sponsor Package</p><p>Rate: $2,500</p><p>(Bags are distributed to all attendees.)</p><p> Exhibitor logo on outside o bag</p><p> Promotional insert in the attendee bag</p><p> Logo exposure on convention website with link</p><p>Silver Exhibitor PackageRate: $2,000</p><p> Exhibitor space includes 10'x5' display area</p><p>with 6' skirted table, 2 chairs and electricity</p><p> Hal-page ad in event guide</p><p> Logo exposure on convention website with link</p><p> Logo recognition in the event guide</p><p>If you are interested in exhibiting at the</p><p>2013 Toastmasters International Convention,</p><p>please email Renee Cain, Marketing</p><p>Specialist, at rcain@toastmasters.orgor</p><p>call 949-858-8255 ext: 273.</p><p>rESErVEyOur spACe nO</p><p>2013 Coveo Exbord Sposor Pckges</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 7/12</p><p>roge love,keynOte speAker</p><p>Roger Love, one o the worlds leading authorities on voice, will</p><p>deliver the keynote presentation during the Opening Ceremonies.</p><p>He has written three top-selling books, created numerous audio</p><p>programs, appeared as a regular on three major network televisionshows, and served as voice coach or the stars o the mega-hit</p><p>television show, Glee.</p><p>Susan Cain,GOlDen GAvel AwArD</p><p>Toastmasters most prestigious award is the Golden</p><p>Gavel. For the past 52 years, it has been given</p><p>annually to an individual distinguished in the elds</p><p>o communication and leadership. The award</p><p>is presented at the Toastmasters International</p><p>Convention, during a dinner in the recipients honor.</p><p>Toastmasters International has named Susan Cainits 2013 Golden Gavel recipient. Cain is an author</p><p>and introvert expert. Her book, Quiet: The Power of</p><p>Introverts in a World That Cant Stop Talking, topped last</p><p>years best-seller lists oThe New York Times and The</p><p>Washington Post, and has been translated in over 30</p><p>languages. Her TED2012 talk in Long Beach, Caliornia,</p><p>titled The Power o Introverts, has generated more</p><p>than 4 million views and was named by Bill Gates as</p><p>one o his all-time avorite talks.</p><p>Keoe Speker dGolde Gvel Recpe</p><p>pOSITIVEAssOCiAtiOn</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 8/12</p><p>WEDnESDay, auGuSt 21</p><p>Registration Opens</p><p>Exhibitor Setup</p><p>9 to 11 a.m.</p><p>Exhibitor Hours</p><p>12 p.m. to 6 p.m.</p><p>Heart o a Toastmaster</p><p>3 to 4:30 p.m.</p><p>Opening Ceremonies</p><p>6 to 8 p.m.</p><p>thuRSDay, auGuSt 22</p><p>Hall o Fame</p><p>9 to 11 a.m.</p><p>Exhibitor Hours</p><p>8 a.m. to 3 p.m.</p><p>Education Sessions</p><p>11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.</p><p>International Speech Contest Semifnals</p><p>2:30 to 9 p.m.</p><p>Scedle of Eves</p><p>FRiDay, auGuSt 23</p><p>Exhibitor Hours</p><p>12 p.m. to 7 p.m.</p><p>Education Sessions</p><p>1 to 5:30 p.m.</p><p>Golden Gavel Dinner Reception</p><p>6 to 7 p.m.</p><p>Golden Gavel Dinner</p><p>7 to 9:30 p.m.</p><p>SatuRDay, auGuSt 24</p><p>Exhibitor Hours</p><p>8 a.m. to 12 p.m.</p><p>Exhibitor Tear-down</p><p>12 to 3 p.m.</p><p>World Championship o Public Speaking</p><p>8:30 to 11 a.m.</p><p>Presidents Dinner Dance Reception</p><p>6:15 to 7:15 p.m.</p><p>Presidents Dinner Dance</p><p>7:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.</p><p>*Times are subject to change</p><p>CONfErENAt-A-GlAnCe</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 9/12</p><p>exhibitOr infOrMAtiOnToastmasters International agrees to provide exhibitors with exhibit space at Duke Energy Convention</p><p>Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The exhibitor area is centrally located near the ow o trafc rom theconventions registration, meetings and events (see attached oor plan).</p><p>The booth space includes: 10'x5' display space A 6' skirted table Two chairs Electricity Internet (additional charge)</p><p>Setup/DismantleExhibitors may set up two hours prior to the start time on the rst day and must dismantle displays within</p><p>three hours ollowing the end time on the nal day.Use o Display SpaceExhibitors may not sublet, assign or share exhibit space without the written consent o ToastmastersInternational. Aisles may not be obstructed at any time. Exhibitors using a customized booth must requestapproval rom Toastmasters International in advance.</p><p>NoiseSound rom electrical or mechanical equipment must not interere with other exhibits or events.</p><p>Toastmasters International reserves the right to make this determination.</p><p>ConductToastmasters International reserves the right to control all aspects o conduct during the convention. The</p><p>acility is a smoke-ree building. Exhibitors must show good judgment and consideration or neighboringexhibitors and attendees.</p><p>SecurityToastmasters International will not assume responsibility or any items the exhibitor brings onsite.</p><p>LightingSome pre-made displays warrant allowable lighting.</p><p>SignsSigns, banners and any other exhibit materials may not be suspended, taped, nailed or in any way attachedto the ceilings, walls, columns, drapes, windows, urniture, oor or any other acility surace.</p><p>GiveawaysAll distribution o promotional or educational materials must be conned to the perimeter o theexhibitors booth (10' x 5'). All giveaway items requires advance approval by Toastmasters International.Prohibited giveaways include, but are not limited to, cash, lottery tickets, pocket knives, weapons, heliumballoons, magnets and pins attached magnetically.</p><p>LiabilityNeither Toastmasters International nor Duke Energy Convention Center maintains insurance covering theexhibitors property. It is the sole responsibility o the exhibitor to obtain such insurance, i desired.</p><p>Exbor Dels</p><p>SpOTlIghyOur brAnD</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 10/12</p><p>Convention CancellationIn the event that the convention is interrupted or prevented rom being held or any reason, thisagreement shall terminate, and the exhibitor will receive a ull reund. The exhibitor thereby waives anyclaim against Toastmasters International or damages o any kind by reason o such termination.</p><p>Exhibitor Cancellation</p><p>Toastmasters International must be notied in writing i the exhibitor intends to reduce or cancel thisagreement. Full reunds will only be honored i the request is received by August 1, 2013.</p><p>Internet AccessBasic internet connection is an additional charge o $450.00 or the duration o the convention. Thisinternet is a NetExpress-1 DHCP connection. I an exhibitor requires Internet access, please indicate this onthe exhibitor agreement orm.</p><p>prOGrAM ADvertisinG DetAilsToastmasters International agrees to provide ad space in the event guide or applicable exhibitor packages(Platinum, Gold, and Silver only). The amount o space is dened by the ad selection chosen (hal or ullpage). Toastmasters International will choose the location in which the advertisement will be placed.</p><p>Exhibitors must submit the advertisement in a Portable Document Format (PDF) electronic le, ollowingthese guidelines:</p><p> File must be high resolution, with a minimum 300 dpi All onts must be embedded Required dimensions: Full-page: 8.5'' x 5.5'' Hal-page: 4.25''x 2.75''</p><p>Toastmasters International may reject or request modications to submitted advertisements.All artwork must be submitted no later than June 30, 2013.</p><p>lOGO subMissiOn DetAils</p><p>Toastmasters International agrees to include the exhibitor logo on the convention website and in arecognition ad in the event guide. Exhibitors and sponsors must provide the company logo in EPS(preerred), PDF or JPEG ormat. It must be high resolution, with a 300 dpi minimum, and submitted nolater than July 1, 2013.</p><p>ArtwOrk subMissiOn OptiOns:All artwork advertisements may be submitted onlinevia FTP using the ollowing link and login inormation:</p><p>Host: tptoast.toastmasters.orgUser ID: sponsorPassword: convention</p><p>Alternately, artwork may be mailed on a DVD or CD to:Toastmasters InternationalAttention: Convention Exhibitor Artwork23182 Arroyo VistaRancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688</p><p>I your le is less than 8 MB, you may email itto rcain@toastmasters.org</p></li><li><p>7/28/2019 2013 Sponsorship Brochure-Final Toastmasters International Convention Sponsorship Opportunities</p><p> 11/12</p><p>2013 ToasTmasTers inTernaTional</p><p>convention exhibitor agreement</p><p>Convention Location: Duke Energy Convention Center Cincinnati, Ohio August 2124, 2013</p><p>Exhibitor Opportunities(please check all that apply):</p><p>Platinum Exhibitor Package $5,000</p><p>Gold Exhibitor Package $4,000</p><p>Cyber Ca Package $3,500</p><p>Bag Sponsor package $2,500</p><p>Silver Exhibitor Package $2,000</p><p>Internet Access $450</p><p>Exhibitor Billing Information</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Contact Name:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Company Name:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Company Address:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________City: State: Postal Code:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Phone: Email:</p><p>Toastmasters International and sponsor have agreed to and have executed thisagreement by their authorized representatives as o the dates indicated below.</p><p>Exhibitor Approval and Authorization</p><p>Approved and Authorized by Exhibitor:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Name:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Title:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Signature:</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Date:</p><p>Payment Information</p><p>Credit Card</p><p>Visa</p><p>MasterCard</p><p>American Express</p><p>Discover</p><p>_________________________________Card Number:</p><p>_________________________________Expiration Date:</p><p>_________________________________Name on Card:</p><p>_________________________________Billing Address or Card: (i dierent</p><p>rom above):</p><p>_________________________________Signature:</p><p> Company Check</p><p>Submit check with invoice to:Toastmasters InternationalP.O. Box 9052Mission Viejo, CA 92690</p><p>Approved and authorized byToastmasters International:</p><p>Monique Berry, Director o MarketingCommunicationsmberry@toastmasters.org</p><p>_________________________________Signature:</p><p>_________________________________Date:</p><p>TermsExhibitors agree to exhibit at the</p><p>Toastmasters International Conventionin Cincinnati, Ohio, August 2124, 2013.</p><p>The exhibitor or sponsor agrees to payToastmasters International the amountspecifed in this agreement. Uponapproval, exhibitors or sponsors willreceive an invoice within 30 days o theagreement date. Full payment is duewithin 30 days rom the invoice date.</p><p>Point of contact prior to andduring the Convention:</p><p>Renee Cain, Marketing SpecialistEmail:rcain@toastmasters.orgOfce phone: 949-858-8255 x273Cell phone: 714-931-2888 (onsite)</p><p>Exhibitor Onsite Contact Information</p><p>_______________________________________________________________________________Name:</p><p>_____________________________________________________...</p></li></ul>