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The second presentation for the Singapore workshop and AIOH2013


<ul><li>1.What do you mean by eliminate? John CherrieINSTITUTE OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE . Edinburgh . UKwww.iom-world.org</li></ul> <p>2. Summary Elimination is a realistic possibility Elimination will be achieved when workplace exposures are projected to cause much less than 1% of all cancersWhat needs to be done in workplaces to reduce exposure? How effective are the control measures? 3. For communicable diseases Control: The reduction of disease incidence. prevalence, morbidity or mortality to a locally acceptable level as a result of deliberate efforts Elimination of disease: Reduction to zero of the incidence of a specified disease in a defined geographical area as a result of deliberate efforts Eradication: Permanent reduction to zero of the worldwide incidence of infection Dowdle WR. (1996)The principles of disease elimination and eradication. Bulletin of the World Health Organization; 76(Suppl 2): 22-25. 4. Elimination of occupational cancer. elimination of the disease as a public health problem (i.e. reduction of cases below what is considered to be a public health risk) What might be suitable target level for occupational cancer? Reduction of incidence of occupational cancers to Mobile local ventilation &gt; General ventilation &gt; Behavioural controls There is great variability in effectiveness within a type of control measure </p>