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Making Social Media Work For Your BusinessKarla Graves

Why Social Media?Social media has changed the way business is conducted globally, nationally, and locally.The customer is starting to discover goods and services via the digital social experiences they are creating for themselves.

With the right targeting, participation on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help support your business objectives.ThenPretty WebsiteEasy Checkout ExperienceSearch Engine Optimization

NowPretty WebsiteEasy Checkout ExperienceSearch Engine OptimizationSocial Media PresenceDigital Advertising

From customer service to direct communicationImmense opportunity for small business owners


10 ways social media can work for your businessPromote your business but not too muchPost job openings where talented people are lookingAdd value to your followers interactions with youIncrease the number of ways potential customers can learn about your businessNetwork with others in your industry and within the communities you serve

10 ways social media can work for your businessFacilitate referrals and reviews of your businessQuickly implement promotionsCheck up on your competitionHelp drive online traffic to your websiteTrack industry news and trends

Tip #1 Promote your business but not too muchUse the 80/20 rule - Only 20% of your content should be self-promotional. The remaining 80% should be informational and engaging, giving followers a reason to look for your posts.

Post IdeasQuotesBehind-the-scenes photosProduct photosAsk for inputShare a helpful resourceFan photosA day in the life Random tips and hintsTake a trip down memory laneProfile an employee

Resource Forbes article 100 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content

Tip #2 Post job openings where talented people are lookingNewspaper ads are a thing of the past. Job seekers are now looking online, in a multitude of places, and for a number of reasons.Using social media to find employees:Find where potential employees areJoin targeted groupsAdvertise Use your personal social media accounts, and enlist your workforceUse #hashtags to filter searches - #jobpost, #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #careerSocial media is a two-way street

Jobmodo App on Facebook

Tip #3 Add value to your followers interactions with youPeople will not return to your social pages unless they feel you add value to their lives. You can accomplish this in a number of ways. Remember the 3 Es!EducationTeach your followers how to use your products/servicesDirect them to resources outside of your businessEntertainmentWell executed humor that is consistent with your brand strategyEmotionIm cutting onions.

Use your connections to your advantage. Utilize your online network to spread the word about your business, products, and services. Cultivate your connections by creating engaging, shareable content Respond to questions and comments posted to your social sites in a timely mannerConsider advertising where your customers spend their timeTargeted Facebook ads wont break the bankJoin a referral community

Tip #4 Increase the ways potential customer can learn about your business

The digital world is full of great ways to interact with people like you, and businesses like yours. Be a part of your community by participating in online groups and forums.Facebook groups - Connect with customers on an individual basisBecome a contributor and subtly promote your business by sharing engaging content, pictures, videos, and linksAllows you to email members easily, unlike Facebook pagesUtilize the Events function to drive traffic to your business LinkedIn groups - Connect with other professionals in your industryChoose your groups wisely and actively contributeTip #5 Network with others in your industry and community


Tip #6 Facilitate referrals and reviews of your business

Todays consumer relies heavily on online recommendations from connections and trusted online communities. People look to their social networks for advice on what to buy. Add Review/Recommend options to your website and social pagesAsk customers to review your products and services on well known consumer listsPromote your business by highlighting positive customer reviewsUse an email tool like Constant Contact or MailChimp to send out requests for reviews to past customersReward your customers for referrals and reviews

Tip #7 Quickly implement promotions

Social media is quicker and cheaper than traditional marketing. Social promotions appear in your followers feeds immediately and are less intrusive than email. Anything that you would normally email, direct mail, or promote on your website can be translated in to a social postGive your promotional posts on Facebook a boost

Tip #8 Check up on your competition

What better way to see what your competition is doing than to stalk them on social media? You can also follow businesses you aspire to be like.Follow your competitions pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagramanywhere they have a presenceWatch for things like:Sales and promotionsStaff advancements/changesAesthetic updates to their online presence Job announcementsPress releases

Tip #9 Help drive traffic to your website

Use social media to point customers to all of the great information that is on your website. Social media also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website is more likely to be found if you have social accounts that link back to itMany businesses are choosing to only have a presence on Facebook. Use caution in choosing this route because Facebook wont ask for your input when they make interface and functionality changes

Tip #10 Track industry news and trendsUse social media dashboards and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to stay informed of industry news and trends.

HootsuiteMultiple users for multiple accountsSingle post creation for multiple accountsPost schedulingManage business and personal accounts in one dashboard

Resource Social Media Examiner article 5 Social Media Management Tools to Save Time

RSS feed readers, like Feedly, help organize all your online points of interest into one digestible dashboard. Resource Zapier article The 10 Best Feed Reader Apps for RSS, News, and More

Choosing the right social platform for your businessYou can create the best, most engaging content in the world but, if your target market isnt seeing it, then its wasted time. How do you figure out where to be online?Customer demographicsKnow who your customer is and where they spend their time onlineConduct a surveyGoogle Analytics will tell you who has been visiting your websiteResearch where your competitors areWhat are you most comfortable with?

Resource Pew Research article Men Catch Up With Women On Overall Social Media Use and The Demographics of Social Media Users

Resource SmartInsights.com article Global Social Media Research Summary 2016

How to get startedDo not create your social media accounts without a content plan. You need to know how social media will supplement your current marketing efforts first.In what areas can social media support your current marketing efforts?Do you have enough content to post at least once per week, or the resources to create it?Plan a social media strategy and calendarDo you have recurring events, or seasonal business?CoSchedule blog - Step-by-step article outlining how to create a comprehensive social media plan Not ready? Try creating accounts to lurk and see how other people do it.

Once you get started, dont give up!Once you have established your social media accounts, cross promote them in all of your marketing efforts and dont give up too soon. Building an audience takes time. And patience.

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