Social Media for Business - 5 Ways to Make it Work for You

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When 98% of all digital activity in the country involves social media, brands and businesses should have more than mere presence. As a channel, it offers unprecedented intelligent reach to real consumers, on platforms they already use. Here are five ways to use social media for your business.


<ul><li> 1. +The Intangible Value of SocialSocial Media for BusinessesJason Cruz | jsncruz.comMRM//McCann Manila</li></ul> <p> 2. @jsncruz 3. +First Assumptions@jsncruz1. Youre ready to admit that socialmedia management is somethingthat deserves attention &amp; money.2. Youre ready to get rid of allprevious assumptions about socialmedia marketing. 4. +Social Media, the Tool 5. +Businesses Are SocialSource: 6. +Powering up Connections@jsncruzSmellWhat the youth wouldgive up to keep a mobilephone or laptopSource: McCann Truth Central 7. +A Country BIG on Social@jsncruz#8Biggest Facebookcountry globallySource: 8. The fact is, if your businessis missing on social, youremissing out on business.@jsncruz 9. +Social Media, the Truth 10. There is no ROI* for socialmedia marketing.*Based on the traditional understanding of what ROI is. @jsncruz 11. Tagged vs. Untagged Brand MentionsUntaggedTaggedSource: MRM//McCann social listening study, 2013. @jsncruz 12. +The True Value: The Intangibles@jsncruz1. Consumer engagement2. Relationship-building3. Brand-building4. Communities and Superfans5. Product development 13. +Social Media, the Channel 14. +Consumer Engagement@jsncruz 15. +Relationship-building@jsncruz42.7%58.0%Netbase social listening study (2013). 16. +Brand-building@jsncruz 17. +Communities and SUPERFANS@jsncruz 18. +Product Development@jsncruz 19. +Takeaways 20. +Takeaways@jsncruz1. Listen and observe2. Leave no question unanswered3. Leap into (calculated) risks4. Lead conversations5. Learn from insights 21. Thank you!Questions and comments? 22. This presentation isavailable for 23. +Image Sourcesn Slide 14: Slide 14: </p>