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10 FREE Ways to Promote Your Book


  • 1. By Amazon Bestselling Author, Dana Marton

2. Add a signature line to your email that will be automatically added to all your outgoing mail. Mention the book in the signature line and make it a direct link to the books buy page. This is what my signature line looks like, each book linked directly to Amazon: www.danamarton.com Jun. 2013 -- DEATHTRAP (Amazon bestselling romantic suspense) Aug. 2013 --DEATHWATCH (Amazon bestselling romantic suspense) Sep. 2013 -- MOST ELIGIBLE SPY Oct. 2013 -- MY SPY (Romantic Times Magazine TOP PICK!) Nov. 2013 -- SPY IN THE SADDLE Dec. 2013 -- DEATHBLOW 3. Start collecting emails for an author newsletter. I ask people to sign up for my newsletter in the back of my books, on my web page, and on my Facebook page. Over the years, Ive collected over 5,000 emails from interested readers. As soon as I release a book, I send them a note with a link to the books buy page on Amazon. This makes a huge difference in first day sales, which influences the books Amazon ranking. 4. The key to a blog that drives sales is to blog about a subject that will be of interest to a great many people. Instead of blogging about your book, write a blog about how to get published, how to promote, etc. If your book is about gardening, you might write a blog about how to build a perennial bed in a single afternoon. Make the topic of immediate benefit to the reader, then post a link to your book at the end. Readers will pass on your blog, and a great many of them will click on the link. 5. 1.2 billion people use Facebook worldwide. Make sure you create an Author Page, since your Personal Page will only allow 5,000 friends. 80% of your posts should be informative, entertaining, about keeping in touch. 20% should be about your book. Saying nothing but, buy my book, buy my book, buy my book, doesnt work. 6. Set up your Facebook Author Page so your posts are automatically sent out via Twitter as well. The same 80/20 rule applies. The majority of your posts should be used to engage readers and gain new readers. Dont flood your Twitter account with buy my book type of messages. An easy way to gain Twitter followers is to find and follow readers. Most of them will follow you back if you write the type of books theyre interested in. 7. Set up your Pinterest account so new pins will be sent to both Facebook and Twitter. Set up boards that will be of interest to your readers. E.g. if you write gardening books, have a board for vegetable gardens, one for formal gardens, one for propagation of plants, one for gardens around the world, etc. Use one board for book cover and images from your book. Make sure to put buy links into the comment section. 8. Team up with other authors in your genre. Share Facebook posts. Retweet each others Tweets. Repin each others pins. Exchange links to each other on your web site. Exchange book links in the back of your books. (E.g. If you read all of my books, you might want to try TITLE by AUTHOR, a great story about BLURB.) Teaming up with 10 authors will increase your reach tenfold. 9. Offer a free excerpt or even a whole chapter wherever you can. In the back of book 1, put a sample of book 2. Add an excerpt on Facebook. Add a free chapter to your web site. Add a free chapter on Wattpad. 10. To your local paper. The trade magazine of any trade organization youre part of. The college paper at your alma mater. Any paper or magazine that you can claim a connection with. 11. Local bookstores Local libraries Your college Your church (if appropriate) Local VFW (if appropriate) Any local organization that have regular meetings (as long as the book is a good fit) Get a booth at the local fair