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Blog Promotion plays a vital role in the success of your blog. It's do or perish case.


  • 1. 6 Ways To Promote Your Blog

2. Lack of proper promotion of the blogs leads to the downfall of hundreds of good blogs everyday. Sometimes content is not really the king. But effective promotion is. Many great bloggers often fall out of the group because of lack of promotion and marketing. They successfully create the best blog and the content. But no visitors come to their blogs. 3. Remember, your blogging success hugely depends on your blog promotion. If you play with it, your blogging career will be done. So dont play, just do it. 4. Here are the 6 ways that will prove to be the best in promoting your blog.1. Social Media Connect your blog with people using Social Media Networks. 5. 2. Social Bookmarking Once you have created some quality content on your blog, you can go on these social bookmarking sites to submit your content with backlinks to your blog. 6. 3. Guest Blogging Its something which has got the power to promote your blog beyond the limits. The results you get from this is unmatchable with any other way to promote your blog. Dont miss out to ripe the priceless benefits that you get from this at any cost. 7. 4. Email Marketing Its one of the oldest methods of promoting. But still its the most effective method. By this, you can target individually. 8. 5. Viral Content Produce some valuable and viral going content. It will gain more and more exposure to your blog posts. Leading to the effective promotion of your blog. 9. 6. Advertising Using some top advertising networks, you can promote your blog easily. It will cost you, but it will get you the results too. 10. Helping Bloggers to Build. Promote. Monetize. their BlogsBlogging Resources http://www.exoblogger.com