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  • Contents

    1. The Auto Enrolment Challenge facing Accountants

    2. The Answer

    3. The Benefits

    4. Considerations for the practice

    5. Enrolex in brief

    6. The Process

    7. Enrolex: In Summary

    8. Fees

  • Auto Enrolment has not yet had a significant impact on Accountancy practices.

    This is about to change as businesses with fewer than 30 employees start staging in 2015.

    The Challenge facing Accountants:

    1. Clients expect their Accountant to provide advice on an AE solution

    2. The majority of Accountants dont want to be involved in setting up pension schemes and have restrictions on the advice they can give

    3. The Pension Regulator has already started sending letters to employers promoting them to start thinking about their AE provision and as a result clients have started contacting their Accountant for help and advice, causing disruption to normal practice operation and resources

    4. If they dont specify an AE solution for their clients, Accountants will have to operate multiple different pension systems

    5. The client bank set up phase is relatively short and requires a fair amount of resource which brings a recruitment and training HR challenge

    The Auto Enrolment Challenge facing Accountants

  • Volume of Businesses StagingThe graph below illustrates the volume of businesses staging over the next 3 years. By projecting twelve months backwards we can see the volume of businesses enquiring about their AE this year will be huge!


    The Pension Regulator has made it clear that they will impose penalties for non-compliance and have already issued a large number of fines. These fines are not unsubstantial, starting at an immediate 400 and then escalating on a daily basis up to an eye watering maximum of 10,000 per day depending on the size of the employer.


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    staging dates

    The Answer? Enrolex!

    1. Client communication, scheme setup and implementation

    2. Choose a robust AE scheme

    3. Ongoing AE management

    The Enrolex solution has 3 components:

    1. A unique communication and implementation system involving our team of advisers who communicate and interface with your clients to achieve scheme set up

    2. A robust, fully compliant scheme based on a master trust with pre-set features

    3. A simple, automated process which integrates with your current payroll processes to manage on-going

    communications, contributions and payroll

    The AE Challenge

  • The Benefits Considerations for the Accountancy Practice

    How much input does the practice want to have in the set-up and

    management of clients AE schemes?

    Does the practice want to be involved in communicating with clients about AE?

    What resource will the practice need to cope with the challenge of AE and how will the costs of any additional resource be covered?

    What fees should the practice charge clients for scheme set up and

    on-going management?

    Enrolex is the only AE solution specifically designed to address these challenges and offers the flexibility to enable Accountancy practices to proactively decide how much involvement they want to have in providing their clients with an AE solution, and how much they want to charge clients for this additional support.

    Enrolex removes the need for extra practice resource. There is no requirement to recruit or train staff to deal with the time consuming process of scheme set up and no risk of being left with excess resource when the set up phase is complete

    Enrolex handles all client communication, after an initial introduction from you

    The Enrolex team arrange online meetings with your clients to talk them through scheme set up, making it easy for the client, avoiding costly mistakes and giving good client


    Enrolex manages your client base ensuring all clients that wish to, have a scheme in place well before their staging date

    N.B. Non-responsive clients will receive notification by recorded post of their obligations and potential penalties

    Enrolexs robust processes dramatically reduce the potential for mistakes and omissions thus reducing the potential for fines and penalties

    Enrolex creates a profit centre for the practice. Fees are paid up front by the client directly to Enrolex and the Accountant receives a pay away the following month

  • Enrolex in brief

    Retirement age 65 but can retire from age 55

    Investment Managers - Scottish Widows

    Funds available include the Default Fund plus 4 other options

    Pre Set Scheme Features include earnings definition

    Scheme charges are all within government price cap

    Active member fee is dependent on qualifying earnings and stage of process ranging between 60p and 2.00 per month

    Administration and investment management charge (AMC) 0.4% per annum

    N.B All charges are deducted from the members personal retirement account

    Because most SMEs simply want a basic, compliant AE scheme, Enrolex has been designed to remove the requirement for them to make any complicated decisions.

    Enrolex offers an effective, fully compliant scheme with minimum effort required by both Accountant and employer.

    The default pension fund is with Scottish Widows and uses standard funds which are selected to meet the needs of the vast majority of employees.

    Importantly, compared to a number of other providers, this scheme does take transfers in and also allows transfers out when employees leave.

    Other scheme features include:

    Pension provider Scottish Widows

    Statutory minimum contributions

    3 months postponement as default

    Allows transfers in

    Allows transfers out when employees leave

    HMRC Approved Master Trust

    Independent Trustees - PAN Governance LLP

  • The Enrolex Process

    N.B. If more than one signature is required, a physical mandate will be posted to the client for signature.

    Stage 4: Upload Employee DataAlmost there! This is the final stage in the set up process. Employee details are uploaded to the Enrolex system from a report produced by the payroll system. Our software works with all UK software packages. Enrolex advisers will talk you through this process over the phone. Ifclients run their own payroll well talk to them direct.

    Stage 5: Postponement The Enrolex system automatically postpones staging for 3 months.

    Stage 6: Staging

    Enrolex will:

    1. Assess the workforce to determine if they are to be included in the scheme

    2. Contact employees to inform them about the scheme and their options

    3. Offer employees access to a dedicated helpline

    Stage 7: Contributions BeginPayroll data is uploaded to the system via a CSV file.

    Enrolex advisers can talk you through this process over the phone.

    System sends Pension report to Scottish Widows who collect contributions by Direct Debit.

    Stage 1: Client CommunicationWed recommend a pro-active strategy with Enrolex contacting your clients, following an introduction from you, to inform them of their responsibilities and options. This will help manage the flow of enquiries and minimise disruption to the practice.

    Enrolex can help by:

    Analysing the staging dates of all your clients

    Contacting clients to tell them what they need to do, and when

    Organising online presentations for clients well before their staging date

    Ensuring clients meet their responsibilities and avoid fines for late set up

    Taking payment up front by credit card and removing any delay in

    practice income

    Stage 2: Sign-Up The client completes a simple online form which takes no more than 10 minutes. This can be done at any time in advance of the clients staging date, reducing the risk of fines and last minute bottlenecks.

    Enrolex advisers guide the client through the form in a live online meeting. In most circumstances the adviser can pre-populate many of the fields before the meeting to speed up the process.

    Stage 3: Pre-StagingThe client will receive an email notification eight weeks before staging prompting them to take the next step, submitting their Direct Debit details online. Enrolex advisers guide the client through the form in a live online meeting. In most circumstances the adviser can pre-populate many of the fields before the meeting to speed up the process.

  • 7. No requirement for additional payroll software Enrolex works with all known UK payroll software packages

    8. Reduced impact on your practice By being proactive and contacting clients in advance, Enrolex can vastly reduce the number of AE related enquiries

    9. Access to free advice and support Enrolex offers Accountants a free advice line for any client queries

    To find out more about how Enrolex can help you, your practice and your clients contact us today.

    info@enrolex.co.uk0800 802 1291

    1. Ease of implementation Enrolex is fully automated and can manage the entire process from start to finish

    2. You set the fees You know your clients and decide how you want to charge them

    3. Removal of risk Enrolex reduces the risk that a client will incur financial penalties for non-compliance and seek to pass these onto you

    4. You decide how much or how little you want to do Our modular fee structure allows you to work on the basis that best suits you and the available resource within your practice

    5. A robust, reliable scheme


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