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  • 03/16 Version, Created by SNSD Julia Burnett, Photos edited SD Melissa Linton

    Credit due to the countless women who pioneered the way & whose words have been passed down through the years. Thank you to Cindy Machado, Diana Sumpter, Jenna Larson, Roya Mattis, Julie Weaver, Lisa Madson, Amy Kemp, Pam Shaw & Leah Lauchlan.

  • Kitchen Coaching: When you arrive at least 30 minutes early: 1. Give sincere compliment & gratitude to Hostess – nice to find something in her home to compliment 2. Set up your “1-on-1” Station (away from table) – money bag, calendar, hostess packets, team building

    packets, sales tickets, calculator & product 3. Ask the hostess “who’s coming today who would be good doing what I do?” (just listen), “What about you?”

    Have courage to ask, just listen, don’t respond or try to overcome any concerns, just respond with, “Well, just watch me today and see if you think you would ever want to learn to do what I do, I think you’d be great!”

    4. Discuss hostess’s colors she will use during the color segment (new consultants: use color card) 5. Show the hostess how to do satin hands & the eye makeup remover demo on each guest as they arrive 6. Set up the table 7. As guests arrive, greet each one with a double handshake (firm grip shows confidence, 2nd hand on top of hers

    shows gentleness, lower your body a bit in honor) & use her NAME as you say, “____, so nice to meet you.” 8. After guests experience satin hands & OFEMR (these two instant-results products usually get them excited to

    try more) hand them a profile card/pen & encourage to fill out as you are filling their trays with product & match their CC cream

    Welcome & Introductions (start on time as much as possible) Alright, so glad you are here! First I want to say thank you to ___(the hostess)____. I genuinely appreciate you for gathering some of your most fun friends around the table. I love ___(something you love about her)___. I had a big goal of & _____ agreed to help me with that and I’m so thankful for your support. As a thank you to ___(hostess)___ I’d like to present her with her gift; this gift is a thank you for having me over and sharing me with your friends, which is a HUGE compliment to me! (Gift=sampler minis, PCP gift, discontinued product wrapped cute). Now, I want to know what you’ll love the most about ___(name)___ our Hostess with the Mostess? (round robin)

  • Did you gals love trying the Satin Hands set & the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover? Those are two just really WOW products – some of our best sellers and you can see why, right? I love the satin hands set b/c __________. & that Eye Makeup Remover - such a set apart product – It’s one of our most popular products, takes off even water proof mascara with little tugging and it does not burn your eyes. What I love about it is _______________.

  • Agenda This will take about an hour & I promise you, you are going to have FUN & your face is going to feel AMAZING! 1st...Going to play a quick game 2nd…You’ll get to try the Ultimate in Skin Care, as I let most of you know beforehand, we aren’t going to do that much color, focus on your skin feeling amazing, & give ya just enough color to get ya out the door. So b/c of that you are welcome to leave your eye makeup on. 3rd...At the end, you’ll get me all to yourself (over there) where you can ask me any questions you didn’t want to ask in front of the group, we can explore what you might want to take home & we can talk about times for your color consultation Pass the sample bag game for “2nd Appointments” This is the first of two appointments you are entitled to as a Mary Kay customer, at this first appointment, we just focus on skin care & super light color. At your 2nd appt, you get a customized color & you also get to try MICRODERMABRASION. That’s what __(hostess)___ is going to get to do & you can also share that 2nd appt with some friends, like she’s doing and get some FREE PRODUCT as well. So, who’s tried MICRODERMABRASION before? Oh my goodness, it is AMAZING – It’s a SKIN POLISHER, it’s something you can typically get done in a salon or a spa & it’s usually $100+ for one treatment. You can use a free trial of it with Mary Kay at your 2nd appt. So ______ will get to try it today! SO…because I just LOVE giving away goodies, and I know you’ll just LOVE to receive them, right? I have a little reward for you guys to remind you’ll about that 2nd appt. Here’s a little goodie bag of samples & each time you’ll hear me refer to 2nd appt, pass the bag - & whoever ends up with it, gets to take it HOME, deal? OK so let’s practice. (make up a sentence “So today we are going to focus on skin care, but at your 2nd appt we can do more advanced glamour.”) So, I’d like to meet everyone, tell us your name, your favorite MK product (if you’ve ever tried MK) & what you’d like to learn today? (if she says anything about color, encourage her to keep her eye makeup on & reassure her you’ll will go over that at her 2nd appt)

  • Picture of you before Mary Kay

    Picture of what attracted you to Mary Kay

    Picture of your “why” in Mary Kay

    Picture of your goal/prize

  • Short 1 minute I-Story (just the basics, you will weave more of your story into the Ticket Game) (Sample) I have been building my business for …..(if under a year say “less than a year”) Before MK (a line or two about your life before) – show a picture of you before MK & I was attracted to Mary Kay because…..& yet I was fearful b/c……… But what I have found……. Some of what I love the most about my MK is…….. & my current goal is…….. Use this section to write it out: __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

  • Did you know…… I love to play games, b/c I want this to be FUN & interactive, ________ is going to reward you with TICKETS throughout our entire time together just for asking questions, making comments, laughing at my jokes…. If you have a question about a product (like “what do you recommend for anti-aging”) she’ll give you ONE TICKET, and a question about the COMPANY (like “was Mary Kay Ash a real person?” or “How do I become an IBC”) she’ll reward you with TWO TICKETS. And you WANT TICKETS because I have a gift card for you to SPEND at your 2nd appt for those who have the most tickets. So is anyone here really competitive? Why wash your face with Mary Kay….. I’d love to share with you a little more about Mary Kay, so you are equipped to make great decisions. TICKET What % of purchases in America do women have control over? (80%) That is a lot of power when we take our consumer dollars and invest in products, people and companies who align with our value system, but most of us just buy certain products out of HABIT & we don’t think about where our money is going. I don’t know what other cosmetic companies do with their money, but I do know what happens when you choose to wash your face with Mary Kay products.

    Mary Kay, Inc. is a company created by a woman, where women could be paid what they are worth without sacrificing their priorities of God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd, and living by the Golden Rule

    So, when you wash your face with Mary Kay, you are directly investing in a locally owned small

    business and impacting her dreams, her family & her community? In fact if you choose Mary Kay products today you are investing in ME & my dreams (share how Mary Kay will impact your life, family, mission, etc).

    Did you’ll know Mary Kay Ash was a real person? She has been voted as the most influential female

    entrepreneur in American History*. I am so proud to be associated with her company. http://www.marykay.com/en-US/about-mary-kay/companyfounder/Pages/about-mary-kay-ash.aspx (by Baylor University)


  • Did you know that Mary Kay is a private family owned, 100% debt free company,

    celebrating 50+years with well over 4 billion in global sales a year and extreme brand loyalty?

    Did you know that when you wash your face with Mary Kay, 5100 employees here

    in the U.S. not to mention a worldwide sales force of over 3.4 million in 35 countries say thank you. You are helping them get up every day and de