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  • Dealer Service Tools 2009

    Diagnostic Tools

    Electrical Tools 1-124-Volt Analyzer Group 271-8590 1-55KV Insulation Tester 243-3141 1-11AC Current Probe 155-5175 1-3AC/DC Current Probe 155-5176 1-5Adapter Cable Assembly (Starting/Charging Analyzer) 110-4645 1-22Ampseal Connector Kit 270-5051 1-9Analog Gauge Tester Group 189-1720 1-22Battery Load Tester 4C-4911 1-6Battery Voltmeter 4C-6600 1-6Cable Assembly (GSC Data Cable) 152-7143 1-22Calibrator Group 228-3175 1-20CE/VE Connector Tool Group 8T-5319 1-8Clamp On Ammeter 225-8266 1-4Clamp-On Multimeter, 2000A AC/DC 227-4324 1-4Connector Removal Tool 197-7876 1-7Continuity Tester/Flashlight 1U-7318 1-7Continuity Testing Light 8T-0500 1-7Corrosion Cable Group 244-1536 1-17Current Detector 243-3140 1-4Cylinder Position Sensor Test Box 276-7273 1-18Digital Battery Analyzer 177-2330 1-6Digital Multimeter Group (RS-232) 146-4080 1-12Digital Multimeter 212-2160 1-15Digital Multimeter 6V-7070 1-14Electrical Connector Repair Kit 6V-4148 1-9Electrical Test Group 260-5800 1-16Exciter Tester Group FT1488 1-23Fluke 741B Process Calibrator 163-0096 1-20Fluke 87V Multimeter 257-9140 1-16Fluke 123 Scopemeter 120 VAC 152-7213 1-18

    Power Adapter, 220 Volt 138-1154 1-19Housing Kit 154-9740 1-23Insulated Tip Test Lead Set 1U-8115 1-21Insulation Tester Group 300-8648 1-10Lock Removal Tool 197-7875 1-7Multi-Tool Group 285-0910 1-1Multimeter with Infrared Thermometer 237-5130 1-14Phase and Motor Rotation Tester 254-0204 1-12Relay Tester 317-9760 1-17Serial (RS232) Adapter Cable 309-9891 1-23Software License Cards 1-3Sure Seal Repair Kit 6V-3000 1-8Terminal Kit 140-9944 1-8Tester Group, VR3 and VR4 Regulator 4C-4693 1-23Tester Group 243-3134 1-10Tool Kit 309-9893 1-24Trimmer Adjustment Tool 4C-4029 1-22USB Adapter Cable 309-9888 1-23Voltage Tester 5P-7277 1-7Voltmeter Leads 275-9936 1-18

    Tools for Electronic Engines 1-24(CAT/ATA) Universal Cable 139-4166 1-43Adapter Cable Assemblies 1-33Adapter Cable Assembly (SAE to CAT CAN/ATA) 157-4829 1-37Adapter Cable Assembly, 40-Pin Breakout 9X-1160 1-33Adapter Cable Assembly, 40-pin T-harness Large Engine 134-5195 1-35Adapter Cable Assembly 211-4899 1-39Adapter Cable Assembly 211-4988 1-37Adapter, SI TDC 7X-1395 1-36All Engines and Machines Combined JERD2129 1-29Ampseal Cable Assemblies 1-38Breakout Cable 248-4754 1-38Breakout Harness Assembly 224-9282 1-38Breakout T Harness Assembly 316-5376 1-36Breakout T Harness 257-8718 1-35Breakout T 208-0059 1-35Bypass Messenger Harness 239-9967 1-31Cable Assembly, Adapter HEUI Injector Test 127-6359 1-36Cable Assembly, Small, 40 Pin Breakout 7X-1715 1-34

    Cable Assembly 225-5985 1-41Cable for Connecting Throttle Position Sensor FT2361 1-28Cable, TDC 7X-1695 1-36Cables 1-32Cat Messenger 208-8371 1-31Communication Adapter Group (Wireless) 261-3363 1-42Communication Adapter II Group 275-5120 1-41Communication Cable Assembly 245-4121 1-44Communication Cables, Adapter Cable, Test Cables,

    and Test Connector 1-45Configuration Aid Service Program Module NEXG4512 1-33Connector 3E-3423 1-44Converter, 12-Volt 8C-9705 1-32Crimping Tool 239-5260 1-26Datalink Cable Assembly 259-3183 1-43Deutsch HD Style Connector Field Repair Kit 190-8900 1-24Diagnostic Tool Group 123-6471 1-27Digital Diagnostic Tool Group 7X-1400 1-27DT Cable Assemblies 1-39DT Connector Service Kit 175-3700 1-25ECAP and DDT Connectors 1-37ECAP Executive/Utility Service Program Module NEXG4514 1-32EIS Loopback Cable 7X-1713 1-44EIS Monitor Service Program Module NEXG4526 1-27Engine Adapter Cable, 3116 7X-1714 1-37Extension Cable Assembly (Monitor) 136-7205 1-37Extraction Tool 195-1179 1-25Extraction Tool 246-8636 1-26Extraction Tool 290-9703 1-26Harness Assemblies 1-34Harness Assembly (CAT/Perkins Engines

    and Challenger ECMs) 224-4899 1-35Harness Assembly (Perkins Engine ECMs) 277-4734 1-35Harness Assembly 317-2652 1-35Harness Assembly 328-2292 1-34Industrial Engines Service Program Module NEXG4511 1-27M300 to PC RS-232 Cable 126-7877 1-39NETG5030 Service Technician Workbench (STW) 1-29Pin and Socket Probes 1-36Pocket Technician 1-30Power Cable Assembly 129-2018 1-43Probe Group 7X-1710 1-36Product Link Diagnostic Tool Group 312-5642 1-40Removal Tool 266-1683 1-26Removal Tools 1-25Repair Tools for 9-Pin Amp Connector 1-40RS-232 Cable 7X-1425 1-44Sensor Bypass Cable 125-3662 1-38Serial Cable 321-4331 1-42Service Parts for All DDTs and

    Discontinued 8T-8697 ECAP 1-40Service Program Module, 3176/3406E Truck Engine NEXG4509 1-26Service Program Module, 3406 B/C Truck Engine NEXG4508 1-26Service Program Module, Challenger 65/75/85 NEXG4519 1-27Service Program Module, Challenger 75 NEXG4518 1-33Service Program Module, Marine/Industrial Engines NEXG4516 1-32Test Cable Group 288-4325 1-39Three-Pin Packard Break-Out Cable 124-5643 1-38Truck Service Program Module,

    All Highway Truck Engines NEXG4522 1-32USB Serial Adapter 237-7547 1-43Wedge Removal Tool 147-6456 1-25Wireless ET Link Group 187-8520 1-43

    Engine Tools 1-45Adapter Cable 1U-5524 1-51Block Heater Power Cables 1-51Cable FT1814 1-52Carrying Case 6V-3072 1-52Detonation Sensor Harness 163-5443 1-51Diagnostic Plug 219-2368 1-46Diesel Injection Detector 310-4780 1-49

  • Diesel Timing Adapter Group 8T-5301 1-50Digital Pressure Indicator Cable 198-4229 1-49Digital Pressure Indicator Group 198-4240 1-48Digital Timing Light 9U-5358 1-52Electronic Spark Plug Firing Indicator 9U-6695 1-52Engine Pressure Group 1U-5470 1-46Extension Cable 142-5866 1-45Frequency Measurement Cable 4C-6711 1-50Governor Test Cable 4C-6712 1-50Governor Test Unit Group 4C-6710 1-50HEUI Engine Tool Group 125-2580 1-46Magnetic Transducers 1-50Magneto Peak Detect Module 9U-6958 1-53Remote Calibrator 142-5865 1-45Smoke Meter Group 8T-5100 1-53Spark Timing Adapter Group 6V-9060 1-50Timing Cables 1-51Timing Indicator Group 8T-5300 1-49

    Flow Tools 1-53Blowby/Air Flow Indicator Group 8T-2700 1-53De-Aerator Group FT2320 1-58De-Aerator Tank FT2309 1-58Fuel Flowmeter Group, 3600 Engine 168-7740 1-56Large Engine Blowby Pickup Group 1U-8860 1-54Medium Engine Fuel Flowmeter Group (Canceled) 154-8101 1-54Medium Engine Fuel Flowmeter Group 154-8100 1-54Small to Medium Engine Burn Rate Meter Systems

    with Hand Held Display or No Display 1-56

    Measuring Tools 1-59Adapter 6V-2034 1-63Battery and Coolant Refractometer 245-5829 1-66Battery Pack 135-3156 1-62Belt Tension Tester 9U-7370 1-62Carrying Case Group 199-9817 1-63Dial Bore Gauge and Master Rings 1-65Dial Bore Gauge for Metric Measurements 6V-6000 1-65Dial Bore Gauge Group for Inch Measurements 1P-3537 1-64Dial Bore Gauge Group 5P-2170 1-64Dial Bore Gauge, Metric 6V-7898 1-65Dial Indicator for Converting 1P-3535 Dial Bore Gauge

    to Metric 6V-7897 1-65Dial Indicator Group 6V-7926 1-60Dial Indicator Test Group 8T-5096 1-59Differential Pressure Gauge 199-6268 1-63Electronic Position Indicator Group 8T-1000 1-59Extended Collet 4C-8753 1-59Gauge Group, Micrometer Depth (in) 6V-2012 1-63Gauge Group, Micrometer Depth (mm) 6V-7030 1-63Indicator Base 165-8958 1-60Multiple Anvil Micrometer 6V-7059 1-63Point Group 6V-6042 1-64Size Setting Fixture, Metric 6V-7899 1-65Size Setting Fixture 6V-6030 1-65Soft Tool Case 9U-6175 1-60Surface Plate 7B-0337 1-66Thread Identification Kit 8T-0450 1-66Ultrasonic Wear Indicator III Group 168-7720 1-61Ultrasonic Wear Indicator III 168-7721 1-61

    Paving Products 1-66Auto Vibration Bypass Control 4C-5558 1-66Electrical Displacement Control Test Box FT2373 1-67Tank Valve 178-3832 1-67Test Harnesses 4C-8758 1-67

    Power Train Tools 1-68Adapter Cable (Challenger to PC) 1U-9100 1-72Adapter Cable Assembly 304-9169 1-70Adapter Cable Assembly 306-6388 1-71Adapter Cable 304-9164 1-71

    Adapter Cable 305-7401 1-71Adapter Cable 311-4929 1-70Adapter Cable 4C-5974 1-72Adapter Harness 308-2506 1-73Breakout Harness FT2796 1-73Cable Adapter 232-1065 1-73Calibration Group 198-1758 1-72Dozer Speed Sensor Cable 256-7623 1-70Extension Adapter Cable 306-0397 1-70Extension Cable Assembly (ARC/EPTC II) 139-5210 1-72Extension Cable 4C-4068 1-72Transmission Analyzer Adapter Cable 307-3542 1-71Transmission Analyzer II Group 9U-7500 1-68Transmission Analyzer III Group 277-2362 1-69Various Cables and Adapters 1-68

    Speed Measuring Tools 1-74Adapter Assembly 8N-5945 1-78Adapter Cable 1U-9710 1-79Adapter FT0907 1-79Battery Charger 161-8384 1-80Battery Cover Group 168-7727 1-76Cable Connector 7N-8929 1-78Drive Adapter Group 7M-6001 1-77Drive Motor Speed Pickup Breakout-T 211-1773 1-76Engine Speed Sensor Breakout-T 211-1774 1-76Magnetic Input Adapter Cable FT1808 1-77Multitach II Group 9U-7400 1-74Multitach II Photo Group 9U-7402 1-74Multitach II 9U-7401 1-74Oil Pressure Adapter Group 1U-5550 1-78Photo-Tach Group 1U-6602 1-80Pickup Group, Injection Line Speed for Data Logger 4C-6821 1-79Tachometer Adapter 5P-6560 1-78Tachometer Drive Adapter Group 5P-0935 1-78Tachometer Drive Adapter 6N-1345 1-78Tachometer Drive Group 5P-1759 1-76Universal Fuel Line Pickup 1U-9139 1-79

    Temperature Measuring Tools 1-81Digital Thermometer Group 4C-6500 1-81Exhaust Thermocouple 238-5636 1-85Infrared Temperature Tool (circular point) 192-3755 1-83Infrared Temperature Tool (single point) 192-3750 1-83Infrared Thermometer 213-4310 1-83Infrared Thermometer 251-0030 1-84Infrared Thermometers 1-81Mini TC-K Jack 4C-9030 1-85Multichannel Temperature Selector 4C-6090 1-84Self-Sealing Probe Adapter Groups 1-87Temperature Adapter Group 6V-9130 1-85Temperature Recorder Group 8T-2844 1-86Thermometers 1-86

    General Diagnostic Tools 1-8722 Wiring Harnesses for 320 SCM Excavators 1-10440X Pocket Microscope with Light 262-8390 1-106Accessories for 4C-3030 Vibration Analyzer Group 1-113

    Accelerometer 4C-3032 1-113Volts Adapter 4C-9023 1-113

    Battery Cable 4C-9031 1-100Battery Pack Group 4C-9024 1-100Borescopes 1-91

    Battery-Operated Borescopes 146-1738 1-92Battery-


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