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    Bobbi Berrow I am wild, bubbly and always smiling! Nothing fazes me and I like to take things in my stride! I love meeting new people and building strong foundations for a lasting relationship! Id like to think to people can count on me and I always stick to my word! There is proof of this I promise you!

    I am born and bred brummy and a very proud one! I enjoy doing lots of different things such as spending time with the people I care about and I am a massive thrill seeker such as extreme activities anything that equals dangerous and risky Im usually up for it.

    My main passion is Music! I live, breathe and dance music its part of my everyday life. I play the flute, flugel horn and piano and I am also hoping to play the saxophone.

    I am currently studying Per-forming Musician at Access to Music College in Birmingham. I then plan to go to university to study Music Therapy hopefully in September 2011.

    I first got involved with the UFA as a participant attending the

    AGE - 19


    JOB ROLE - YoUFA Rep /

    YoUFA Board Member

    Peer Tutor

    This is my UFA residetials

    YoUFA Rep

    YoUFA Board


    Birmingham Summer Challenges after going to several of these I was then asked to train as a Peer Tutor to work on the Summer Challenges. I was then asked to attend the first Its my UFA residential to develop ideas of how young people could be more involved at the heart of all UFA ideas and development.

    I then went on to be a YoUFA Rep. I am still a YoUFA Rep this year now planning YoUFiestA 2010! My best memory of all residentials is when we all meet each other and we do that first energiser!

    I am famous for some energisers in particular Singing in the rain and Alive Alert Awake I am happy to do these at every event!

    I am also the Vice Chair of the YoUFA Board and feel that as the Board develops it will help continue the development of the UFA and YoUFA. The UFA has done a great deal for me and I hope it continues to change other peoples lives too.