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You Can Make a Difference in Your community. By: Jennifer Tanner. Look what these kids have done. They are a sixth grade class at Morningside Elementary. They call themselves Team H.O.P.E. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>You Can Make a Difference in Your communityBy: Jennifer TannerLook what these kids have done. They are a sixth grade class at Morningside Elementary. They call themselves TeamH.O.P.E. </p> <p>Team Hope = Helping our planet earth 2When the students were not let outside for recess because of air quality standards they decided to do something about it. </p> <p>Students went on capital Hill and talked to their legislators about clean air issues. </p> <p>Students talking to legislator. </p> <p>Students were part of Utah moms for clean air press conference. </p> <p>Students held anti-idling campaigns at seven schools to help reduce pollution. </p> <p>Kids had kate Lilja from Idle Free Utah come and talk to them about their campaign. She donated signs and stickers to help them. </p> <p>Because students were so successful with their anti-idling campaigns, Utah Clean Cities held their press conference at Morningside Elementary. </p> <p>The press conference announced that sept. is designated as idle free awareness month at elementary schools. 9At the press conference students demonstrated a car approach which they educated drivers about unnecessary car idling. </p> <p>Representative Carol Spackman-Moss told students they could make a difference in their community and offered to sponsor a non-binding resolution. </p> <p>Students decided to take a stand and write a non-binding resolution for clean air. </p> <p> With the help of an attorney and Utah Clean Cities, Students wrote a non-binding resolution. </p> <p>They went to the capitol to address the house committee meeting. They presented a video and reasons to vote for their non-binding resolution. </p> <p>Students returned to the Capitol to address the senate committee. </p> <p>Students in the Senate committee meeting patiently waiting to give their presentation. </p> <p>The House and the Senate vote in favor of the anti-idling resolution. </p> <p>Governor Herbert Signs H.J.R. 5 joint resolution on clean air in a ceremonial signing. </p> <p>H.J.R.5 = house joint resolution 5 (number of bill)18People magazine heard about the students and came to Utah to take their picture. </p> <p>People magazine ran a article for earth day they were told they had made a difference in their community.</p> <p>We must be the change we wish to see in the world.- Mahatma Gandhi </p> <p>You can make a difference in your community! This song was written and sung by a sixth grader. Thanks!!!!</p>