10 ways to make a difference in your social media community

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Social Media is now a part of us and it going to keep developing. A lot of us would like to make an impact with our Social profile. The good news is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference on Social media.


1. 10 Ways To Make A Difference In Your Social Media Community @ikechiawazie 2. When you have got 10,000 fans on Twitter, 300,000 fans on Facebook, 30,000 fans on Google+ and a lot of reshared pins on Pinterest. You feel so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. Are You Influential or Do You Just Have A Social Proof (Popularity) 4. Experts agree that a large following on Social Media does not mean you are an influence 5. To be Influential on Social Media Your Audience have to be listening. You must affect their thinking and action 6. Here are 10 Ways To Make A Difference in Your Social Media Community 7. Dont Chase Numbers and Likes; Chase Real Friendship 8. Be a Great Listener and a Good Communicator 9. Stand out with a Strategy 10. Forget about being VIRAL Be Value Concious 11. Venture Into Personal Branding 12. Be Yourself 13. Strive To Provide Value And Dont Be A Spam Hero 14. Create an Interest Group 15. Inspire your Community 16. Try creating a product or service with your Social Media Community. 17. QUESTIONS Be A Light To The World www.awazieikechi.com @ikechiawazie