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  • The novel revolves around a middle class Turkish family (the Tekins) in the 1930s. The main characters are Ali Riza Tekin (head of the Tekin family), his wife Hayriye, their young daughters: Fikret (the oldest daughter), Leyla (the second daughter), Necla (the third daughter), Aye (their youngest daughter), their only son evket (who is between Fikret and Leyla) and his bride Ferhunde (who is also the principal antagonist).

  • His name is Ali Rza. He is helpful and proud person. He has got a five children. His wife name is Hayriye. The names of his children Necla , Leyla , Fikret , Aye and evket. He has a normal height and weight. His surname is Tekin.

  • His name is evket. The familys only male son of evket. He is easy-going person. His job is builder. Her father name is Ali Rza and mother name is Hayriye. evkets former wife name is Ferhunde.

  • Her name is Necla. She is very supportive and helpful person. Necla husband is died so she was engaged to someone else. Her father name is Ali Rza and mother name is Hayriye. She is evkets sister. She is very helpful person because she has done bookshop for her father and bookshop name is Ali Rza Tekin bookshop.

  • Her name is Hayriye. She is evket and Neclas mother. She has got a lot of children. Her husband name is Ali Rza. She is unhappy because her family is diffuse

  • Her name is Fikret. She is evket and Neclas elder sister. She has got a 3 stepchild and 1 child. Her husband name is Tahsin. She is the eldest daughter of the family.Her in-laws name is Cevriye.Her son is Umut.

  • Her name is Ferhunde. She is evket former wife. She is rude and malefactor. She is rich but she is too selfish. Her new husband name is Mithat. He is helpful person but Ferhundes husband.

  • Her name is Leyla.She is evket , Necla and Fikrets sister. Her father name is Ali Rza and mother name is Hayriye. Her husband name is Ouz.She huff own father because Ali Rza Bey dont love Ouz.

  • His name is Mithat. He is Ferhundes husband. He is helpful person. He is famous businessman. He has got a lot of money.

  • Her name is Aye. She is youngest daughter of the family. She is optimistic and sensetive.

  • His name is Tahsin. He is Fikrets husband. His son name is Umut. He has got a lot of children.His mother name is Cevriye.Tahsin is helpful person.


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