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  • www.hamiltonmusiccollective.org
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  • EDUCATING STUDENTS HMC regularly co-presents master classes, clinics and workshops featuring international artists in local educational institutions. Master classes at Mohawk College are funded by the Steeltown Friends of Mohawk Music.
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  • Jazz in the Hubs - May 2010
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  • 1200 school children 5 elementary schools 10 performances 16 Mohawk College music students 50 instruments =
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  • In May 2009 the Mohawk College Student Big Band performed ten free concerts reaching over 1200 children in five Hamilton neighborhood hubs
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  • Fun-filled concerts offered young children an engaging introduction to Jazz
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  • Meet the Instrument sessions provided all children with the opportunity to try a variety of instruments under the guidance of Mohawk College music students
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  • The events were presented in association with Mohawk College, Long & McQuade, the Hamilton Community Foundation, and the local Community Planning Teams
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  • ALL children should have access to music education
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  • Music has the power to transcend challenging situations and transform lives
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  • By 2016 we want 1000 inner-city elementary school children to play a musical instrument
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  • B HMC will be seeking significant private sponsorship funding, which has already commenced with a six-figure commitment from the PasWord Group of Hamilton
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  • Music education develops life skills: Teamwork Leadership skills Persistence Self-expression Engagement Motivation Respect Fulfillment Collaboration
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  • Music Brings Happiness To Life!
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  • The Hamilton Music Collective shares the vision of Making Hamilton the Best Place to Raise a Child
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  • B HMC will be seeking significant private sponsorship funding, which has already commenced with a six-figure commitment from the PasWord Group of Hamilton
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  • If you share our vision please contact us: info@hamiltonmusiccollective.org
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  • For more information visit our website www.hamiltonmusiccollective.org
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  • Or Call 905-385-0003
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  • Our teachers are committed to excellence Visiting artists in our educational series include: Grammy winning baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan (VJO, New York City) Grammy winning trumpeter Nick Marchione (VJO, New York City) Grammy nominated saxophonist Donny McCaslin (NYC) International recording artist/vocalist Sheila Cooper (Vienna, Austria) International recording artist, Don Mixon (Istanbul, Turkey) Blue Note Recording Artist Bill Charlap (NYC) Blue Note Recording Artist Renee Rosnes (NYC) The funding for all Mohawk master classes was generously provided by the Steeltown Friends of Mohawk Music
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  • Testimonials .The Darcy Hepner Big Band swings with style and authority. - Ron Westray, Former lead trombonist in the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
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  • Winner of two 2009 TOURISM HAMILTON AWARDS 2009 Event of the Year (Portraits of Sound) 2009 Rookie of the Year (Jazz@The Corktown)
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  • As a broadcaster, one of the things I've noticed over the last several years is the amazing proliferation of jazz in the Hamilton area.Each year, we devote more and more airtime to the top-notch jazz musicians and teachers in the Hamilton region. Much of the credit has to go to the Hamilton Music Collective - they do more than anyone to bring together the people who love to play and the people who love to listen. - Terry McElligott, Host JAZZ.FM91 One of the best radio stations in the world JAZZ.FM91
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  • "The Jazz Orchestra filled me with love and excitement because it reminds me of my days in Harlem, NY where I met the giants of the jazz world who touched me in a way that's indelible." - The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander
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