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  • World Religions

  • Major World Religions

  • Judaism

  • JudaismBelievers are called JewsFounder of Religion: AbrahamWhere did it start: Canaan (modern day Israel)Sacred Book: Torah, TalmudMonotheisticMain Beliefs: Monotheism -Following God's Law -Equality and Social Justice -The Importance of Study - Do have some dietary restrictions (against pork and shellfish)

  • JudaismSpread: DiasporaMostly practiced in Israel today.

  • Christianity

  • ChristianityBelievers called: ChristiansFounder: Jesus Christ (Jesus of Nazareth)Where is started: Modern day IsraelSacred Book: The BibleMonotheisticBeliefs: Teachings of Jesus ChristThe TrinityBelieve in trying to achieve salvation (go to Heaven)

  • ChristianityGroups within Christianity:CatholicsProtestantsOrthodoxSpread throughout the Roman Empire through missionaries and traders and by conquest.All over the world

  • Islam

  • IslamBelievers are called: MuslimsFounder: MohammedWhere it started: Mecca, in modern day Saudi ArabiaMonotheisticMain beliefs: The Five Pillars (declaration of faith, fasting during Ramadan, pilgrimage to Mecca, pray 5 timers per day, give alms (money) to the poor)Does have some dietary restrictions (against pork)Believe in trying to achieve salvation.

  • Islam The religion spread through: missionaries, traders, and through conquest.

  • Stoning the devil

  • Pilgrimage to Mecca

  • Hinduism

  • HinduismBelievers: HindusNo single founderStarted in what is now IndiaSacred Book: VedasPolytheisticMain Beliefs:Dharma: Law, obligation, and duty. Effect: many believe in nonviolence-every living creature has a soul.Karma: explains why dharma is important, law explains what will happen to peoples soul when they die, karma made up of good and evil. Believe in reincarnation (born again) until soul merges with Brahma.

  • Caste System

  • Hinduism and the Caste SystemSocial classes Brahmins (religious class), Kshatriyas(rulers and warriors), Vaishyas (herders and merchants), and Shudras (servants, farmers, and laborers).Also had the untouchables.Over time, became complex.No social mobility. Born into a certain level of society and stayed there.

  • HinduismEthnic religion.Mostly practice in India.Spread through migration.

  • Hindu Temples

  • Pilgrimage to Ganges River

  • Buddhism

  • BuddhismBelievers: BuddhistsFounder of religion: Siddhartha GautamaWhere it started: IndiaName of Sacred Book: TripitakaMain Beliefs:Peoples self centered desires causes suffering.The Four Noble TruthsThe Eightfold PathWhen a person dies, they will be reincarnated until they hit enlightenment, nirvana.

  • Spread of the ReligionMonks and traders along the Silk Road

  • Confucianism

  • FounderKong Fu Zi

  • ConfucianismPractioners: ConfucianistsWhere it started? ChinaName of Sacred Book: AnalectsMain Beliefs: Uphold traditions of the past, establish relationships and guidelines for how people should act.Taught respect for parents, loyalty to the state, honesty, hard work, concern for others.Believed education is important.Ancestor worship.

  • Relationships

    ParentsHusbandElderBrotherRulerTeacherFriend ChildrenWifeYounger BrotherSubjectStudentFriend

  • Daoism

  • DaoismFounder: Lao-TzuDaoistsStarted in ChinaName of Sacred Book: DaodejingMain Beliefs: Live in harmony with nature.Yin/yang: opposite forces of nature and it represents balance. Importance of honor and duty.Best government is one that governs least. Observe nature to learn how to behave.Achieve oneness with the Dao.Wuwei: action through non-action.

  • DaoismFound in China.

  • Sikhism

  • SikhismFollowers: SikhsFounder: Guru NanakStarted in IndiaSacred Book: Guru Granth SahibStarted in IndiaMain Beliefs: Faith, especially faith in one godSocial reform and pursuit of justice for all people

  • SikhismSpread through migration (Diaspora).

  • Sikhs



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