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  • 1. Tipping on the Edge of Chaos

2. Prevent 3. Environmental collapse 4. Economic collapse 5. Gross World Product, 1950-2009 1950-Bright Economic Future? 6. The global economy has grown nearly 10-fold with 103% annual growth rate Gross World Product, 1950-2009 1950- 7. Extrapolation of Illustr lustrious economic past into a promising future 8. Economy is destroying its natural supports ing 9. Economy is destroying its natural supports In fact we are ing running up against 10. LIMITS 11. Aquifers 12. Soils 13. Fisheries 14. Forests 15. Atmosphere 16. Our Collective Demand 17. Overshooting 18. What Nature can provide 19. How Ho can we assume that tha the growth of an economic system that eco is destroying its environmental supports can simply be sup projected into the LongLong-term future? 20. Gathering Storm 21. threatens 22. Civilization 23. Economic 24. Political 25. How Ho can we assume that tha the growth of an economic system that eco is destroying its environmental supports can simply be sup projected into the LongLong-term future? 26. Indicator 27. WATCH 28. Food Prices 29. Hunger RatesSOCIAL 30. POLITICAL 31. Sensing these INDICATORSPOLITICAL 32. How close we are to the ED OUR CIVILIZATION? EDGE 33. 1. Rising FOOD PRICES ( ECONOMIC) 2. Rising HUNGER RATES ( SOCIAL) 3. Rising in NUMBERS OF FALLING STATES (POLITICAL) HOW CLOSE we are to the EDGE of OUR CIVILIZATION 34. Our Global Food Situation 35. Precarious 36. Our Demand for FOOD 37. World population is INCREASING by 80 MILLION annually 38. Population Pressures continues 39. Population Pressures continuesWorld Population, 1950-2008, 1950with Projections to 2050 12 11 10 Earth Policy Institute - 7 6 5 4 3 2 1950197019902010 Source: UNPop20302050 40. World population is Expanding INCREASING by 80 MILLION annually 41. SUVs tank could take up 25-gallons of Ethanol 25- 42. That can feed one person for an entire year! 43. Rising price of oil has made it PROFITABLE to turn GRAIN into FUEL! 44. FOOD Supply 45. Tightening.. 46. Growth in CROP yields SLOWING! 47. Industrialization 48. Eroding Soils Expanding DESERTS 49. Deforestation 50. AQUIFERS being OVER PUMPED 51. EXTREME WEATHER events 52. Threatens HARVEST 53. in Crop Yields SlowingGrowth in Crop Yields Slowing 54. Climate 55. Average Global Temperature and Atmospheric Carbon ture Dioxide Concentrations (1880-2010) 188014.8400Earth Policy Institute - Temperature14.234014.032013.8300 CO213.613.4 1880280260 19001920194019601980Source: NASA GISS; NOAA ESRL; Worldwatch2000Atmospheric CO2 (ppm)Temperature (degrees Celsius)14.6 56. As temperatures rise, glaciers and ice sheets melt, causing sea level o riseCurrent trajectory is alread Cu outpacing projection 57. 1 CFor every rise i temperature above ise in the optimum level during the growing season 58. Yields of wheat, rice, and corn drop by10 % (percent) 59. Climate change threate food security and eatens could eventually create hundreds of millions ate of climate refugees. 60. Time to Think 61. Time to Think 62. Time to Think 63. No one knows for sure when it will be too late to address the trends of decline in he t Natural Resources to avoid collapse 64. Business as usual is NOT working. 65. How to GO about it? 66. STABALIZE POPOULATION 67. ERADICATE POVERTY 68. RESTORE EARTHs NATURAL SUPPORT SYSTEMS 69. STABALIZE CLIMATE 70. STABALIZE POPOULATION 71. Universal Basic & Reproductive health Re care and family planning services 72. ERADICATE POVERTY 73. Basic Education program & Total Fertility rates Efforts to eliminate poverty and slow population growth w po always reinforce each other 74. RESTORE EARTHs NATURAL SUPPORT SYSTEMS 75. Planting Trees 76. Protecting Topsoil on cropland 77. Restoring Rangelands 78. Stabilizing Water Levels 79. Protecting the Climate 80. Reduce CO2 Emissions 81. Energy efficient Transportation System 82. Alternative Renewable Sources 83. Energy Efficient Buildings 84. Appliances Efficiency 85. Energy Efficiency Measures Improving Building Insulation & Lightings Improving Appliances efficiency Improving Industrial Efficiency Restructuring Transportation 86. Above all 87. Mind Set 88. What is ESSENTIAL is NOT always visible to the eye 89. We need to ramp our RENEUABLES 90. Wind 91. Solar 92. Geo Thermal hermal 93. NO Fossil Fuel 94. World Electricity Generation by Source in 2008 and in tion the Economy of 2020 95. Adopting less-intensive farming and lessland management practices 96. Carbon Dioxide Emiss issions Reduction Std. 97. Tax what you burn, not what you earn rn, n 98. Raise Tax on Carbon Emission 99. Shift from Labor to Energy Taxes 100. Less CO2 and more Jobs 101. Redefine Security 102. Introspection 103. Preventing environmental and economic collapse requires political action from all of us in order to effect broad social change 104. Wait and Watch the disaster ahead 105. Be the generation that changes direction, moving the world onto a path of sustained progress? 106. The choice is ours. It will be made by our generation, but it will affect life on earth for all generations to come