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A detailed collection of facts and information pointing to catastrophic global events and wide-scale religious deception in September, 2015


<ul><li><p>THE COMING GLOBAL CATASTROPHE AND </p><p>DECEPTION</p><p>v Imminent Global Financial Crisis: The death of money?v Asteroid or Comet Impact: A World on the edge</p><p>v CERN: Opening of the Abyss?v JADE HELM: The Rise of the New World Order Army</p><p>v Conclusions: Hidden Evil in Plain Sight</p><p>This is a detailed report of facts and real-time events pointing to the possibility of an Imminent </p><p>Global Crisis and Religious Deception. The Information contained here bears grave </p><p>consequences to humanity as a whole and to the Church of Christ in particular. THE WORLD </p><p>AS WE KNOW IT MIGHT BE ABOUT TO CHANGE!</p><p>Compiled by:</p><p>Olorunshola Isaac</p></li><li><p>IMMINENT GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS: THE DEATH OF MONEY?</p><p>When an economy is healthy, money tends to circulate fairly rapidly. In a stable and growing </p><p>economy, people are not afraid to spend. But during hard times, the exact opposite happens. The velocity </p><p>of money tends to slow down during a recession, once the recession is over; the velocity of money is </p><p>expected to go back up. But a funny thing happened after the last recession ended, the velocity of money </p><p>continued to go down and it has reached an all time record low. If the global (basically Wall street) stock </p><p>market was connected to reality, it would be going down. But instead, it has just kept going up. Just about </p><p>every pattern that has popped up prior to previous stock market crashes is happening again. Stocks are </p><p>massively over-valued right now the financial market is primed for a crash.</p><p>The last great depression was triggered by massive American wall street fraud involving trillions </p><p>of dollars of grossly over-valued real estate securities. Many of these securities were not worth the paper </p><p>they were printed on but marketed to institutional investors as safe investments. When the house of cards </p><p>collapsed, an unprecedented financial crisis engulfed the entire world. As a result of this fraud, hundreds </p><p>of millions of people around the world suffered the greatest financial loss of their lives, tens of millions of </p><p>jobs were lost and entire nations of Europe were financially raped. These predictions were detailed in </p><p>Americas financial apocalypse 2 years before the financial crisis.</p><p>Currently, ripples of financial stress are already engulfing the world nations. Europe is </p><p>experiencing a financial plunge in a scale never been experienced since the 1930s. Nigeria and other </p><p>nations in Africa are struggling to get by financially and the world is not even in a recession yet.</p><p>Libyan national bank gives loans at no interest. As soon as the Ghaddaffi government was </p><p>overthrown, the globalists put the Libyan national bank back under gross charge control. Its also what </p><p>they are doing to Egypt which has been trapped into accepting 4.8billion USD at interest from the </p><p>International Monetary Fund. At present, Syria has no debt from the IMF, it has therefore become a target </p><p>for American and NATO aggression. For no apparent reason, the price of crude oil is being plummeted in </p><p>order to plunge oil dependent countries into an economic mayhem. There appears to be a drive to keep </p><p>nations and basically everyone financially stressed and indebted. The desire of making everybody the </p><p>same is a subtle and effective way of preparing people for enslavement by the global elites and one world </p><p>government.</p><p>Various warnings have been issued by prominent people and economists;</p><p>Martin Armstrong says that his economic confidence model predicts that the big bang is coming in </p><p>2015.75</p></li><li><p>Max Keiser recently told Alex Jones that a great financial collapse is coming</p><p>Jeff Bervinck of the Dollar vigilante says that we are getting very close to the next crisis collapse and </p><p>he specifically pointed to the month of September.</p><p>James Howard Kunstler has predicted that stocks are going to crater in Q3 as faith in paper and pixels </p><p>erodes.</p><p>Gerald Celente has warned about the great panic of 2015.</p><p>Lindsey Williams recently sent an email alert in which he warned that his elite friend has told him that </p><p>they have a worldwide financial collapse scheduled between September and the end of December, </p><p>2015.</p><p>EU is currently seeking to inject 1.1trillion Euros into the European financial system in a </p><p>desperate attempt to fight off deflation. The top trend forecaster in the world recently told King world </p><p>news that this is just more evidence that the great panic of 2015 is now on. On May 28th, Reuters reported </p><p>that countries in the European Union are being given a 2-month deadline to enact bail-in legislation. </p><p>Any nation that does not have bail-in legislation in place by that time will face legal action from the </p><p>European Commission. This is all in preparation for a financial crisis.</p><p>When I initially researched and wrote this report, the global financial system was okay. But </p><p>currently, crash tremors are beginning to hit the global markets. The big question here is: Could this be </p><p>the death of money and the introduction of a cashless system needed to establish a New World Order?</p></li><li><p>ASTEROID/COMET IMPACT: A WORLD ON THE EDGE</p><p>On the 15th of February, 2013, a meteor reportedly hit Russia causing many injuries from</p><p>shattered glass and several damaged buildings. There was a near miss in 2014. A bus-sized comet came </p><p>within 38,300miles of the earth. Both happened without any prior warning from World Space Agencies.</p><p>Lyn Leahz said in a report that she got a piece of information from a person in the know that </p><p>said Russia, France, China, India and the United states will be making a final attempt to divert or destroy </p><p>a comet. The said comet is supposedly headed for the earth and it is expected to make impact towards the </p><p>end of September. She didnt disclose the name of the comet but said that she trusts the informant whom </p><p>she affirmed to have given her credible information in the past.</p><p>Several disputations as regards this issue exist with majority believing this information or </p><p>prediction (and several others like it) to be a lie. Dr. David Morrison, Director of Space, NASA said in an </p><p>interview, In fact, today, the most likely situation is zero warning. The next impact of a mile size object </p><p>will probably happen without any prior discovery of it at all. First thing youll know is when youll feel </p><p>the ground shaking and see the plume of fire coming up over the horizon. Impacts today are a risk, they </p><p>are a hazard. They are something we need to protect ourselves againstFrom the10% so far that we have </p><p>discovered, there is no danger but I can tell you nothing about the 90% (of asteroids and comets) we have </p><p>not yet discovered.</p><p>Right now, there is no concrete proof anywhere to show that an asteroid or comet strike is </p><p>imminent. However, Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister made a controversial statement on </p><p>the 13th of May, 2014 in a meeting of top government officials from the United States and around the </p><p>world. In his speech he said, We have 500 days to avoid climate chaosThe planet also means very </p><p>concretely our very survival. We are, all of you know it, on the edge of a climatic abyss. We have 500 </p><p>days to avoid climate chaos. He mentioned 500 days thrice in that speech. A 500-day count from the </p><p>day he made that statement gives us 24th September, 2015.</p><p>People who propound the asteroid impact theory say he was giving a clue as to when the asteroid </p><p>will hit. Simulations of an impact from space were made (by NASA) and it is believed that such an event </p><p>will trigger an Armageddon of worldwide disasters and severe climatic chaos resulting from earthquakes, </p><p>severe fires and intense seismic activities. It is believed that a black cloud will be formed from this that </p><p>can envelope the planet and cut-off sunlight leading to cataclysmic climatic alterations.</p><p>A lot of people also believe that the asteroids that recently destroyed Russia and Argentina are all </p><p>pieces of the coming asteroid or comet. There have also been reports of increased fireball sightings </p></li><li><p>around the world lately; Fireball sightings from objects ripping through space at ultra-speed. The question </p><p>now is, Are all these predictions true? Is there really going to be an impact from space in 2015? I </p><p>will share my thoughts and conclusions on this at the end of this report.</p><p>CERN: OPENING OF THE ABYSS</p><p>CERN is a centre for nuclear research sited in Switzerland. The supposedly largest machine in the </p><p>world, LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is built and operated at the CERN headquarters in Switzerland. The </p><p>LHC is a 17-mile long accelerator that lies 300ft beneath the ground. Part of the accelerator cuts across </p><p>both France and Switzerland. In simple terms, the scientists at CERN are working hard to unravel the </p><p>glue of the universe. They do this by colliding particles (Protons) at high energy, travelling at the speed </p><p>of light. The resulting light splash and disintegration enable them to study the make-up of matter and see </p><p>how this make-up comes together. Basically, they are trying to recreate the Big Bang. The big bang is </p><p>mans theory of creation.</p><p>In the fall of 2015, CERN will begin colliding groups of 70million Lead hadrons at 287TeV, </p><p>unpacking millions of quarks in each collision. Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, </p><p>acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of strange quark-gluon soup </p><p>called stranglet. The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and create an Ice-9 big bang </p><p>reaction.</p><p>World renowned scientists, Stephen Hawkings (Theoretical physicist) and Neil Degrasse Tyson</p><p>(Astrophysicist) have both warned of the CERN energy possibility of exploding our planet. They made </p><p>this warning based on the fear that the high energy collisions being carried out at CERN might be too </p><p>much for the planet to take. In addition to this, the collisions created antimatter or dark matter, which is </p><p>said to be very unstable and dangerous if not contained. This unstable particle is also called the god-</p><p>particle (Higgs-boson particle).</p><p>Despite these possible outcomes, this write-up is more about some statements made by some of </p><p>the top-scientists at CERN. They claim they are probing for star gates, portals to extraterrestrial </p><p>dimensions in order to explain some of the puzzling properties of the universe. By extraterrestrial </p><p>dimensions they mean aliens, parallel universe or a world of other intelligent beings different from our </p><p>own, hidden away in higher frequencies or dimensions. They are basically trying to open a door.</p></li><li><p>Sergio Bertolucci, Director for research and scientific computing at CERN, briefing reporters at </p><p>CERN HQ in May, 2015 said, Out of this door might come something, or we might send something </p><p>through it. The Director of CERN himself said, This is not like other ordinary particles, we are </p><p>reaching into the very fabric of the universe in a level we have never done before. This is telling us </p><p>something, its a key to the structured universeAnd this could open-up, maybe we see nothing </p><p>extraordinary and we understand that maybe this is the only part of the story that is left or maybe we </p><p>open-up a whole new realm of discovery. The CERN press office stated, As far as we know, we live in</p><p>four dimensions, 3 of space and 1 of time. But experimentalists at the LHC are looking for evidence that </p><p>the universe contains more than that. The existence of extradimensions could explain some puzzling </p><p>properties of the universe.</p><p>Recently, there have been various reports and speculations about the research going on at CERN. </p><p>A certain report said that in a recent collision, they saw apparitions; things they didnt expect to see. </p><p>Speculations and theories now abound, especially among Christians in the west claiming that CERN is </p><p>trying to open the door to hell or the demon world and might possibly succeed. The Bible reference </p><p>quoted to support this is Revelation 9:1-11. Its even analyzed that CERN was built in a place which in </p><p>ancient days was called Apolliacum a temple to the god Apollo because the ancient people then </p><p>believed that place was the gateway to the underworld. An issue that was also raised (which is worthy of </p><p>mention) was the CERN statue in front of the CERN headquarters that portrayed Lord Shiva the Hindu</p><p>god of destruction. All these beg the question, What destruction or mayhem is CERN planning to </p><p>unleash on earth? In Revelation 9:11, Apollyon was mentioned and the Bible calls him the King of the </p><p>bottomless pit. If CERN was located at a place which in ancient times is called Apolliacum, does that </p><p>mean they are trying to and might probably succeed in opening the door to the bottomless pit? My </p><p>thoughts concerning this too will be shared in the concluding part of this write-up.</p><p>The statue of the Hindu god of destruction (Lord Shiva) at CERN.</p></li><li><p>JADE HELM: THE RISING OF A NEW WORLD ORDER ARMY</p><p>Jade Helm (Mastering the human domain) is an ongoing military and police training and </p><p>drilling exercise being carried out in the United States. It involves a few thousand troops in drill camps </p><p>spread across a few states in the US. The program commenced on the 15th of July and will be completed</p><p>on the 15th of September, 2015. Many US citizens have been expressing their concerns as regards the </p><p>drilling exercise calling it unnecessary and suspicious. Many of them said that the government trying to </p><p>militarize the local law enforcements was both unnerving and dangerous. Since 2001, the US </p><p>governments is said to have spent 34 billion USD on militarizing local police enforcements. It was </p><p>reported that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its immigrations and Customs </p><p>enforcements made an order for 450 million rounds of ammunition, 200 million 40-cal rounds (advanced </p><p>ammunition), tanks, drones and other military grade weapon system that have delivered in batches over </p><p>the last few years. (NOTE: These orders were made by Local law enforcements responsible for citizens </p><p>safety not the military). With laws giving off total control to the government on events of crisis, a lot of </p><p>citizens are worried about the government establishing a martial law.</p><p>This shouldnt have been a source of worry to anyone here or anywhere else except that activities </p><p>that bear resemblance to Jade Helm are being carried out in several other countries. For instance in the </p><p>UK, there is news of an upcoming Birmingham first massive mobilization of emergency crews, vehicles </p><p>and so forth; it begs the question, drills and mobilization for what?</p><p>A recent report hinted a possible connection between the Jade Helm program and Jade II. The </p><p>Jade II system is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) quantum computing technology that has the ability to use </p><p>vast amount of data that has been collected from the human domain (the world populace) to generate a </p><p>Human Terrain System (HTS) to identify and eliminate targets on a global information grid in a network </p><p>centric warfare environment. This means computers acting as war Generals. The HTS determines </p><p>behavioural parameters for norms of individuals, groups, population centric areas etc. This...</p></li></ul>