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  • 1.Steve Virgin Board Director Wikimedia UK Could Wikipedia Ignite Bristol?

2. Wikimedia Foundation All sites run Foundation (including Wikipedia) Budget ~$20 million, ~40 staff members Outreach by independent non-profit making chapters Volunteer driven; staff keep sites running 3. Wikimedia UK Promote values of Wikimedia Foundation One of ~30 national chapters Support freely licensed material in UK Membership based - volunteer run Donor-sourced budget Founded November 2008 4. Wikipedia - The free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit Worlds largest encyclopaedia (bigger than 11,095-volume /Yongle Encyclopaedia from 1403-8) Over 16,000,000 articles (over 3,400,000 million in English) Written in over 240 different languages 10 years old on 15 January 2011 5. The Pillars of Wikipedia Written from a neutral point of view Represent all significant views published by reliable sources Verifiability Any contentious fact need published evidence No Original Research No fresh analysis or synthesis of existing published material ...Avoid conflicts of interest...Paid for editing is frowned upon...Be Open, Assume Good Faith 6. Wikipedia only one of many projects This presentation is CC-BY-SA except for logos and screen prints which are Fair Use or used with permission 7. Wikimedia site global reach 373m unique visitors/13.4bn page requests p/m 5th largest web property 35m articles and images on all projects 7.3m freely licensed images Stats as of August 2010 - see 8. Free & open knowledge empowers people 9. Download Wikipedia for Schools for free 10. Download Mediawiki your own website software for free 11. Get a journalist for Wikinews 12. Get involved in Wikiversity Write & share learning material 13. Wikimedia Commons Add new photos, maps or videos 14. How has Wikimedia content been used Embed information into web pages BBC Wildlife Finder Use images to illustrate content EU Observer SOS Children & Schools CD In Africa Online and offline Use of Media Wiki software 112 examples @ 15. 2008 Share content German State Archive puts 82,500 low res images on Wikimedia Commons Summer 10 - Get involved BackStage Pass British Museum Hosts expert tour day for Wikimedians to encourage cooperation & collaboration on pages 2008 Share content Museum of the Tropics Amsterdam 45,000 images on Maroon & their culture 2010 Share content New images from the salvage of the Mary Rose June 2010 Wikipedian in Residence @ British Museum Museum of the Tropics Amsterdam 45,000 images on Maroon & their culture Summer 10 Hoxne Challenge Museum team work together to edit Hoxne Hoard Wikipedia article with aim to meet exacting quality standards Projects Wikimedia has been involved with 16. Where could it go in Bristol 2012: The Word and Bristol an idea under discussion Celebrate all forms of writing in the city Encourage companies to write their histories Schools Communities Sports groups Theatres Museums Writers in 17. Expansion of Wikipedia Pages in African or Asian languages Diasporas from Africa/Asia in every city Often digitally marginalised Involve them writing about their language, culture Working with the Wikimedian community will help them skill up We need them & the community needs efforts 18. There is stunning content to share 19. 10th Anniversary Celebrations Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales is scheduled to be speaking In Bristol on January 13th 2011 two days before Wikipedias official birthday The hosts will be Wikimedia UK the University of Bristol & the Festival of Ideas supported by HP Labs 20. Join us together we can Ignite Bristol Wanted: Editors Proof Readers Researchers Video editing Photo editing Photo clean up Or just get involved anyway you can Membership is just 5 The opportunities limitless 21. Thank you You can find us on the Wikimedia UK website or you can send questions or comments to...