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Though some of the content is not included due to getting proper permission from my organization to use photos and video, this is a rough draft of my ignite presentation


  • 1. Community Service Serve Give Back Build Character Traits Make a Difference

2. The Effects of Community Service **Picture of my group servng the community**Video of me goes talking about how serving the community as an AmeriCorps member has effected my life will go here 3. Im willingBut How. 4. Little by little, piece by piece when put together right we make a beautiful picture.. 5. [INSERTING VIDEO FROM AMERICORPS INTERVIEWS] 6. [PHOTOS OF AMERICORPS MEMBERS WORKING TOGETHER] 7. many leaders never hold office or work in any type of official leadership position, but they manage to bring ideas and people together and make things happen ~ Clark Andersonleadership is contagious ~ Clark Anderson Volunteers have an enormous impact on the health and well-being of communities worldwide 8. Financial Stability It Takes A Partnership To Get A Family on Its Feet The Prosperity Center in Moncks Corner is helping Gladys Coates develop the skills to provide for her family. www.tuw.org 9. Bottom Line..Without our service what type of community would there be?Be effective in your service not just busy doing something Plan Work together Leadership is key Be the change you want to see[Inserting photo of AmeriCorps members working in the community] 10. Be effective in your community. Not just busy in your town.