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Protecting tropical rainforests

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  • 1. Protecting tropical rainforests

2. Why protect rainforests? Home to 30 million people Carbon Sinks Absorb carbon from atmosphere Regulate Water cycle Lungs of the earth Circulates 40% of the worlds oxygen Biodiversity More than 50% percent of terrestrial biodiversity Natures Pharmacy Source of 70% of anti-cancer drugs 3. Where they are 4. One hundred years ago tropical rainforests covered 14% of land mass. Today it is less than 6%. Almost 20% of all carbon emissions are caused due to the burning and cutting of rainforests, annually, globally. Thats more than from all cars, trucks, trains and planes combined. Whats at Stake 5. How much rainforest are we losing? 93,000 sq miles of area was deforested between 2000 and 2010. Thats as big as: - United Kingdom - Third of Texas 6. Why are we losing them? Limited income options Small scale: pasture, subsistence farming Larger scale: Logging, oil and mineral extraction Cattle ranching Soybean, corn, palm oil production 7. Protecting forests, an economic issue for Texas? Clearing forests may enrich those who are doing it, but over the long run it impoverishes the planet as a whole. Rainforests are an important prop to continental water-cycles. Losing the Amazon rainforest could reduce rainfall across the Americas, with potentially dire consequences for farmers as far away as Texas. The Economist, Sept 23, 2010 print edition 8. What Rainforest Partnership does We work with forest communities to help them make an income that allows them to protect their forests. 9. The RP model Partner with communities. Engage and Educate US Consumers 10. A different approach: Locally Hired Project Manager Native Local Community Resources Education Sustainable Businesses for a Sustainable Future Long term sustainability of alternative income generation and forest protection