tropical rainforest abdulla al binali 6d. tropical rainforests of the world

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Tropical Rainforest

Tropical RainforestAbdulla Al Binali 6DTropical Rainforests Of The World

Tropical RainforestA tropical rainforest is made up of emergent trees that can reach up to 213 feet. Emergent trees are very thin to avoid fungi that grows in the trunk.They call the rainforest a tropical rainforest because they are near to the equator. medicines are supplied from different plants in the rainforest.They cover 4% of the world.

More About RainforestsIt is humid because of the rainfall in the rainforest.The average temperature is 20 degrees. But the highest a rainforest has every gone is 36 degrees.The upper canopy is where most of the animals like to live because the umbrella shaped leaves keeps most rain away.Half of the worlds animal species live in the rainforest.

Average Rainfall

Animals That Live In RainforestsIn this presentation I will talk about these 5 animals:Toco ToucansSlender LorisHarpy EaglesOrangutansSilvery Gibbons Toco ToucanOne of the animals in the rainforest is the Toco Toucan, it is the biggest of all toucans it has a bright colored orange beak that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. It has adapted in the rain forest in these ways: It has strong feet for support, also it has a feather like tongue to help food slip in easier.They are predators so they eat snakes, eggs, and lizards. They live in groups called flocks and make their nests in emergent trees in the upper canopy.

Slender LorisIt is a small nocturnal primate, it is found only in rainforests. It is a vegetarian, It is approximately the size of a chipmunk. It has long thin arms and long thin legs. It has huge eyes which makes it see clearer at nighttime.

Harpy EagleThe harpy eagle is known to be one of the most toughest eagles in the world.. His name comes from Greek mythology. He is silent when it comes to catching his prey. He is on top of the food web along with the Bengal tiger. It weighs about 4 to 5 kg. it likes to eat animals that live in the trees like monkeys, sloths, and opossums. It lives in the rainforest of central and south America.

OrangutanOrangutans like to spend most of their time in the upper canopy of emergent trees. It is the largest of tree dwelling apes. They can grow to up to 5 feet tall but the males usually grow up to 4 feet tall. They have long arms so they can reach to vines that are really far away, even while carrying they're babies. They also have curved feet to balance better on branches. It consists a diet of insects and birds.

Silvery GibbonA silvery gibbons singing voice can be heard from 1500 meters (almost one mile) they have a very high pitched voice. They are small apes and weigh up to 6 kg. they are know to have long arms and fingers. To help them make long swings on vines.

Plants that Grow In RainforestsIn this presentation I will talk about 5 plants:CurareRosy PeriwinkleQuinineKapok TreeMangrove Forests

Curare Curare grows as a vine. It gets thick to 4 inches and it has heart shaped leaves on it. The South American Indians used to mash it up and add a venomous animal, they start mixing it until it becomes a syrup and start tipping their bows in it for hunting. They used to call it crude Curare which means poison in Indian. They use it for Anastasia in surgery.

Rosy PeriwinkleA rosy periwinkle is pink but its also white with a red dot in the middle, it looks ordinary but it can do a very good favor to humans, it cures leukemia.QuinineMany plants in the rainforest get used in medicine like Quinine which is an anti malaria medicine.

Kapok TreeThe Kapok tree is one of the rainforests emergent trees, it is able to grow to a height of 150 feet sometimes even more. It is in South America but now it is also in West Africa. Birds like to nest in it and mammals use it to get to places faster because of its umbrella like crown.

Mangrove ForestsMangroves like to live where the rainforest and the oceans meet because they like to grow in between land and sea.

DeforestationDeforestation is when people chop up a lot of trees. Deforestation is critical to rainforest, because most oxygen comes from the rainforest and without them people may die or run out of a lot of oxygen. We should stop this by letting people know that this rainforest is protected and we need to have the governments approval to this.Global WarmingGlobal warming is the hugest problem that Tropical rainforests have to face, because e of global warming the temperature is rising, and some plants have a certain temperature they have to live in, if it exceeds that amount then they're going to die. Some animals eat the plants so then they wont have any food left and the whole animal species dies so the other animal species that eats that animal will also be forced to die, and so on. We need to stop polluting before this unfortunate process happens we need to convince the government to put laws or better ways to get rid of things instead of dumping it in the sea. N.p., n.d. Web. .Blueplanetbiomes. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2Http://" Http:// N.p., n.d. Web.Http://" Http:// N.p., n.d. Web.