why not? we should not forget about the holocaust! the holocaust was a very important piece of our...

Download Why not? We should NOT forget about the Holocaust! The holocaust was a very important piece of our history. If we forget about the Holocaust, ignore,

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  • Why not? We should NOT forget about the Holocaust! The holocaust was a very important piece of our history. If we forget about the Holocaust, ignore, or refuse to believe this event, this could HAPPEN AGAIN! Dont forget thiswe could prevent it! People forget this event. But why? Most, if not all people choose to forget, not believe and ignore the Holocaust because this was ineffable! Who would do such a thing?! This was beyond belief! No one could believe someone would EVER do this! Hell on earth: is how most people described this event. Why do people forget?
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  • the Nazi's were very self-centered people. They thought that Germans were the greatest people alive and that no one else should exist, so they had to get rid of the other people.
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  • The Nazis had a special way of getting the message through to people; propaganda. The Germans used propaganda to mostly threaten the Jews and other races. To warm them of their future and to be ready because they were going to be killed.
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  • The Nazis wanted only Germans to exist. Their solution was to kill them all. The Nazis made something called a concentration camp. A prison camp for exterminating mostly Jewish people along with other non- German races.
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  • On April 20, 1999 at a high school in the small town of Littleton Colorado two seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harrison assaulted their high schools students and teachers. Both teenagers walking the halls armed with guns planning to kill hundreds of people. This happened in the middle of the day. Twelve students and 3 teachers were killed. After this whole horror scene was over, both boys committed suicide and shot themselves. The year 1999 is still a very close year. These actions are taking place in our time and age.
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  • These two teenagers didnt do this just for a thrill. They planned this carefully for about four months. Of course they had a reason. The simple reason was they were different and wanted to get even. These two boys were constantly made fun of because they were different. The hate towards students and teachers grew and one day they decided to kill them.
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  • The Columbine Massacre and the Holocaust have something in common; difference. The Nazis didnt like different people, Dylan and Eric were different. The both stories ended with death.
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  • The Holocaust and the Columbine Massacre are true stories. They DID happen and they could possibly happen again! No one can tell for sure, but its important that it doesnt.
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  • Preventing the Holocaust and The Columbine massacre is not hard at all! It starts with YOU! Peace an respect is key! Stop looking at how different people are! Everyone is equal no matter what! Dont make fun of people by the way the sound, look, dress were all human and we deserve respect!
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