the holocaust & other war crimes. what do you know about the holocaust and other war crimes? what do...

Download THE HOLOCAUST & OTHER WAR CRIMES. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST AND OTHER WAR CRIMES? What do you know about The Holocaust & other war crimes?

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The Holocaust & other war crimes

The Holocaust & other war crimesWhat do you know about the holocaust and other war crimes?What do you know about The Holocaust & other war crimes?

Where have you found out about it?

Have you read any books about it?

Have you seen any movies about it?

What does it look like?Japanese war crimesThroughout occupied China and in South-East Asia, the Japanese military killed millions of civilians.

Millions more died as a result of exhausting slave labour or starvation as their food was confiscated to supply the Japanese.

Most victims were Chinese.

Japanese war crimesAmong the vast numbers of Chinese whom the Japanese killed, many were executed, tortured to death or deliberately infected with diseases.

The Allies determined that those responsible for Japanese war crimes would be punished.

The trials were overseen by the newly formed International Military Tribunal for the Far East.

Japanese war crimesThey were conducted in Japan and throughout South-East Asia and the Pacific.

Of 25 Japanese wartime leaders who were tried and found guilty, seven were condemned to death and executed.

Approximately 5700 Japanese, including many military officers, were tried for committing atrocities against civilians and POWs.

Nine hundred were convicted. Many were executed and the others received prison sentences.

Japanese war crimes (6 mins) holocaustThe Holocaust was the most systematic of all Nazi war crimes.

It was an act of genocide intended to wipe out European Jews.

Nazi persecution of Jews intensified after the outbreak of the war and the mass murder of Jews began in 1941. The holocaustThe Holocaust is a watershed event in history -- a frightening reminder of the consequences of prejudice and intolerance and of the dangers of silence and apathy.

For that reason, the topic is both timely and teachable

The holocaustWhen the Nazis invaded Poland and the Soviet Union they killed anyone who might resist, but all Jews were singled out for destruction.

Poland's Jews were forced into enclosed ghettoes where survival was a struggle. During the invasion of the Soviet Union, the Germans carried out mass shootings of communists and Jews.

In Latvia in 1941, 327 000 Jewish men, women and children were murdered in two mass shootingsThe holocaust The SS also conducted experimental gassings of Jews and Soviet POWs in specially converted vans.The holocaustIn 1941 Hitler decided that the final solution to the Jewish problem would be mass extermination in SS-run concentration camps.

Auschwitz concentration camp was ordered to prepare for mass gassings.

On 20 January 1942 an SS document called Final Solution to the European Jewish Question stated that healthy Jews would be exterminated through slave labourThe holocaustThroughout the remainder of the war, Jews from all over Nazi-controlled Europe were transported to death camps.

The sick, young children and the elderly people were immediately forced into gas chambers disguised as showers.

There they were gassed to death and their bodies were then incinerated in gas ovens.

The holocaustOthers who were fit were selected for slave labour and killed later when they became too weak to work.

In the largest camps thousands of prisoners could be gassed in a day.

Altogether, around six million Jews were murdered.Zaption & questions (12mins) chapter 2.15Complete questions