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  1. 1. Whos been eating MY Strawberries?! Dr Chris Thomas Quekett Microscopical Club www.quekett.org
  2. 2. This is a talk about invaders!
  3. 3. Drosophila suzukii Spotted Wing Drosophila, SWD Suzuki D. suzukii
  4. 4. 30% to 80% Soft fruit crop losses This apparently insignificant, 3 mm long fly is causing dignificant damage to soft fruit and has recently entered the UK in 2012
  5. 5. Timeline of Global Domination Japan 1930 N.America 2012 California 2008 Spain/Italy 2008 Hawaii 1980 UK 2012
  6. 6. Fruit Fly/Vinegar Fly UK Drosophila sp. 1 mm This is the common version of the fruit fly we find in our gardens and homes, buzzing around fruit
  7. 7. Male SWD Male SWDs are immediately recogniseable under a hand lens, having the distinctive single black wing spots
  8. 8. Female SWD The female lacks the wings spots but
  9. 9. Female SWD It sports a large, serrated, egg laying ovipositor
  10. 10. Female SWD Ovipositor
  11. 11. Damage When you think SWD, think insect with a chainsaw that cuts into ripening fruit and lays ist eggs inside them then think Millions of them!
  12. 12. Commercial Control of SWD MONITOR IDENTIFY CONTROL Tidiness Insecticide Parasitoids
  13. 13. Gardens Alternative Reservoirs?
  14. 14. What any Member of the Quekett Microscopical Club can do (and schools too!)
  15. 15. Our Skills Skilled at capturing small subjects Skilled at looking at small subjects Skilled at Recording and Sharing information Members throughout UK (and world!) Have our own publication The Journal
  16. 16. Step forward please to Set a Fruit fly/Vinegar Fly trap this October Record your catch Send your results to bulletin@quekett.org Ill collate and write up the results You will be credited in the paper.
  17. 17. Population growth From Report: Understanding and developing methods for managing spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in the UK: Vital research to maintain the viability of the UK fruit Industry Michelle Fountain/ Jerry Cross, East Malling Research, New Road, East Malling, Kent ME19 6BJ
  18. 18. Trapping SWD 1. Cider vinegar in plastic bottle 2. Add a drop of Fairy Liquid 3. Pierce bottle with 2-3mm diameter holes 4. Hang in garden for 1 week 5. Pour contents into a white plastic tub 6. Observe & record using Low power microscope /magnifiers/camera/smartphone
  19. 19. Typical catch
  20. 20. Result Format Send me list with the following: Your name and address/postcode Date your fly trap harvested Total number of insects trapped Number of Fruit flies/Vinegar flies Number of MALE SWD Number of FEMALE SWD
  21. 21. Results 32 locations 51 sets data Included 1 school! Between 0 100s Fruit flies per record
  22. 22. SWD v Other Fruit flies (%) A. Average of numbers of fruit flies and SWD harvested in each region. B. Averages of the percentage of SWD in each harvest. The diameter of each circle is proportional to average SWD harvest in each region.
  23. 23. Male:Female SWD (%) A. The total numbers of males and female SWD harvested in each region. B. Averages of the percent of males and females for each individual harvest. The diameter of each circle is proportional to average SWD harvest in each region.
  24. 24. Lessons Learnt Great participation (10% Quekett Members) Regional UK Bias to Central & Eastern England Reliable records Need more data for significant results
  25. 25. Future Repeat Engage The North! (And the world) Aim to involve schools Open to advice and suggestions
  26. 26. NEW CITIZEN SCIENCE Following on after the conference, I was inspired to set up a citizen science project on www.iNaturalist.org The Quekett Spotted Wing Drosphila Survey Experiment You are heartily invited to join in at https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/quekett- spotted-wing-drosophila-survey-experiment
  27. 27. I look forward to Hearing from You! Contact Chris Thomas chris@miltoncontact.com, subject SWD