what’s your favourite invention?

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What’s your favourite invention?. Why do we invent things?. Chronologically order these inventions. Chronologically order these inventions. Tim Berners-Lee 25 December 1990. Alexander Graham Bell 1898. Thomas Edison 1879. Karl Benz 1886. Alexander Fleming 1928. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chronologically order these inventions

Whats your favourite invention?Why do we invent things?

Chronologically order these inventions

Chronologically order these inventionsTim Berners-Lee25 December 1990Alexander Graham Bell1898Thomas Edison1879Alexander Fleming1928

Karl Benz1886

Text messaging a good invention?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7WSzxQ0nX4 GoodBadYoung people must know the correct spelling of a word in order to abbreviate it.Abbreviations may creep their way into academic writing.Planning your invention presentationWhat is the invention?Who created it?When was it created?

What was your invention intended to do? Consider a variety of reasons.Example: washing machine - a time saving device

As each group presents back to the class, think of a question you might ask them to do with the intentions of their invention.

Also, consider what the inadvertent outcomes (negative consequences of the invention might be)Inadvertent outcome (something bad comes from a creative invention)Example invention Washing machineIntended effect to save people timeInadvertent outcome if you accidently choose the wrong setting it can be difficult to stop the machine & it may shrink your clothes.


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