guessing game please guess: what’s my favourite food? what’s my favourite food? do you like …?...

Download Guessing game Please guess: What’s my favourite food? What’s my favourite food? Do you like …? Do you like …?

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  • Guessing gamePlease guess:

    Whats my favourite food?

    Do you like ?

  • My favourite fruit is bananas.I like bananas.My favourite colour is orange.I like orange.My favourite food is eggs.I like eggs.Can you guess?

  • Work in pairsA: Whats your favourite colour /food/class?B:My favourite colour/ food/ /class is A: Do you like ?B: Yes, I do./No, I dont.

  • My favourite food is cake.I like eating cake.My favourite food is eggs.I like eating eggs.Lets learn

  • play basketballI like playing footballI like playing football. My favourite sport is basketball.My favourite sport is football.

  • swimI like swimming.runI like running.My favourite sport is swimming.My favourite sport is running.

  • singsinginglisten to musiclistening to music

  • play computer gamesplaying computer gamesreadreading

  • writewritingwatch televisionwatching television

  • dance


  • runrunningwalkwalking

  • lets chantRun , running , running ,I like running.Swim,swimming,swimming,Do you like swimming?Dance,dancing,dancing,I like dancing.Sing,singing ,singing.Do you like singing?

  • Look at the pictures and guess the action().

  • play computer games

  • run

  • play football

  • walk

  • watch TV

  • dance

  • sing

  • listen to music

  • swim

  • read

  • play basketball

  • Listen to the tape and repeat the sentences.

  • Whats your favourite sport?

    Whats your hobby?Do you like?Find a friend who has the same hobby.()

  • Whats your favourite sport?My favourite sport is swimming./I like swimming.Yes, I do. / No, I dont. I likeDo you like swimming?

  • Lets have a competition ().Lets guess

    Whats your favourite sport?

  • Exercise:Choose the best answers.What _____ your favourite sport? A. is B. are C. be2. I like _________. A. dance B. danceing C. dancing3. My father ________ swimming. A. like B. likes C. is likeACB

  • II. Fill in the blank. ________ you like football? We like ___________ television. Swimming ________ my ___________ sport. I ___________ singing.5. Daming ________ cats. Do watchingisfavouritelikelikes

  • Homework: Recite the dialogue of P20.


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