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A presentation delivered to the cascade school district on how to increase morale and productivity during trying times. Focuses on attitude, communication, and conflict


<ul><li> 1. Whats In it for ME?aka: Remembering thatyou matter whenothers might not Scott Q MarcusTHINspirational Speaker &amp; Recovering Perfectionist 707.442.6243 scottq@scottqmarcus.com Twitter: @scottqmarcus facebook.com/scottqmarcus 1 </li></ul> <p> 2. Honest Attitude PrayerSo far today, God, I've done all right. I haven't gossiped, haven't lost mytemper, haven't been greedy, grumpy,nasty, selfish, over-indulgent, or toldanyone to mind their own business andstay out of mine. I'm really glad about that! 2 3. Honest Attitude PrayerBut, in a few minutes, God, I'm going to get out of bed, andfrom then on I'm probably going to need a lot more help. 3 4. courtesy of www.wordle.net 5. Your AttitudeQuestionnaire Results Average 7% Pretty Good Extremely Upbeat 86% 7% 93%5 6. Co-Worker AttitudeQuestionnaire ResultsExtremely Poor 7%Pretty Good 43% Average 43%49%6 7. Others Attitude Questionnaire Results Average 43% 57%Pretty Good57%7 8. Attitude CauseQuestionnaire ResultsHome Life Bars are not to scale WorkloadOthers Attitude8 9. Attitude Talks 9Verbal 7%Use of Voice38%Non Verbal93% 55%Albert Mehrabian [Nonverbal Communication (Chicago: Aldine-Atherton, 1972)] 10. Attitude BeliefsQuestionnaire ResultsControllable Bars are not to scaleLearnedChoiceMy Responsibility to Fix 10 11. Attitude Complex interactionbetween feelings andbeliefs that affecthow we react to ourenvironment. 12. If I Always Do What Ive Always DoneIll Always Be Where Ive Always Been.Frustration 12 13. Action or thoughtSTRESS ZONE3. Conscious done repeatedly - 4. Unconscious Competence Competence&gt; &gt; &gt; Competence &gt; &gt; &gt; without Learning -analysisSkilledin order to simplify or ease2. Conscious 1. Unconscious ones life. Incompetence Incompetence Aware Oblivious &lt; &lt; &lt; Consciousness &lt; &lt; &lt; 13 Habits 14. Stress Symptoms Negative Thinking Lack of Motivation Health Problems Poor Decision Making 14 15. The CycleResult ATTITUDE!Un bre ak abl eLinkBehavior 15 16. I bet living in a nudist colony takes allthe fun out of Halloween. -Age 13 Example 16 17. It is virtually impossible to drop a habit.You must replace it with a counterproductive one.The Zebra Rule 17 18. The Problem: Fear Force Pain The Solutions: Slower is Faster Than Never Success Is MTTN Small Steps Done Repeatedly Dont Show Your BIG BUT Inertia of Change 18 19. Movement&lt; Activity Inspiration &gt; &lt; ExecutionCreation &gt;LogicalEmotional PhysicalSpiritual19</p>