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What you need to know. Hannah Jordan and Moira Cuthbertson, SCVO Welfare to Work Scotland, Tuesday 6 th Sept 2011. J l. Community Jobs Scotland Session Outline. Introduction and Background Partnership working How does it work? What are we looking for? Timescales - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>What you need to knowHannah Jordan and Moira Cuthbertson, SCVOWelfare to Work Scotland, Tuesday 6th Sept 2011J l</p></li><li><p>Community Jobs Scotland Session Outline</p><p> Introduction and Background Partnership working How does it work? What are we looking for? Timescales Examples of successful jobs How to get involved</p><p> Q&amp;A</p><p>J l</p></li><li><p>What is CJS? CJS is an employment initiative designed to give young unemployed people in Scotland paid work opportunities in the third sector</p><p>Background Building on the success of the FJF as delivered by the Third Sector Consortium in Scotland Recognising the need for quality job opportunities for young unemployed people Support for the third sector in challenging timesCommunity Jobs Scotland Introduction and BackgroundJ l</p></li><li><p>Community Jobs Scotland Partnership WorkingScottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition (SSEC)Jobcentre PlusSkills Development ScotlandScottish third sector EmployersCJS EmployeeOther support agencies e.g. Money Advice Service, Young ScotJ l</p></li><li><p> Third Sector employers apply to create jobs SCVO/SSEC responsible for assessment and proposed allocations Allocations scrutinised and approved by Advisory Group Approved jobs advertised with JCP, SDS &amp; online Competitive recruitment between referred eligible individuals Job start paperwork to SCVO triggers finances CJS Employees are fully integrated staff SCVO contract manage employers, including ongoing finances, audit checks and paperworkCommunity Jobs Scotland How does it work?J l</p></li><li><p>Community Jobs Scotland What are we looking for?J lMinimum Criteria These positions must be additional jobs Must last at least 26 weeks (39 weeks for 16/17 yr olds) Must pay the National Minimum Wage Must be for at least 25 hrs a week Jobs are quality assessed on the following criteria: - Overall Quality of Job (appropriateness, use of funding, employer capacity) Community Benefit Induction, Training and Support Jobsearch Support Contribution to sustainable employment</p></li><li><p>- CJS announced February 2011 initial call for EOIs- Received letter of grant: Monday 27th June 2011- Deadline for Aug/Sept jobs: Friday 8th July 2011 - Received applications from 385 employers to create 2,773 jobs each needed to be individually assessed- First jobs go live at JCP: Monday 8th August 2011- First Job Start: Tuesday 30th August 2011 All Aug/Sept jobs assessed by 31st August 2011 over 1100 jobs approved and allocated Ongoing processCommunity Jobs Scotland TimescalesJ l</p></li><li><p>Admin Assistant Advice Worker Artist Assistant Football Development Officer Assistant Furniture Restorer Bike Mechanic Catering Assistant Childcare Assistant Dance Assistant Daycare Support Worker Driver Environmental Project Assistant Estate Caretaker Festival Programme &amp; Events Assistant Film Editing Assistant Front of House Assistant Interior Design Assistant ITC Developer Joiner Learning Assistant Leisure Attendant Maintenance Assistant Media Technician Painter PAT Testing Assistant Researcher Sales Assistant Support Assistant Trainee Gardener Volunteer Support Officer Warehouse Assistant Workshop Assistant Youth WorkerCommunity Jobs Scotland Examples of successful jobs</p><p>Currently over 450 vacancies live with Jobcentre Plus across ScotlandJ l</p></li><li><p>Community Jobs Scotland http://www.scvo.net/home/index.aspxJ l</p></li><li><p>Community Jobs Scotland How to get involvedJ l Is your organisation eligible? How to apply?</p><p>www.scvo.org.uk/communityjobsscotland communityjobsscotland@scvo.org.uk</p><p>Any Questions?</p><p>Customer eligibility- all 18+ will be referred through JCP and generally in receipt of benefits for at least 6mth. Likely to be young people who are 6 9 months unemployed ie pre Work Programme. Jobs will be advertised as an opportunity at JCP therefore will not available on Direct Gov website</p><p>16/17 referred through SDS, generally 6mths unemployed</p><p>Early entry for young people with barriers to employment ex-offenders, substance abuse, mental health conditions, lone parents, young carers</p><p>Non compatible programmes Work Choice, Work Programme or any other DWP contracted programme, SDS TfW programme</p><p>Organisations can market their vacancies through their own media channels ie website, newsletter, social networking sites etc but this must clearly state the CJS eligibility criteria and direct interested people to a Jobcentre Plus or Skills Development Scotland Advisor who are the only point of referral to a CJS job. </p></li></ul>