Teaching Substance Use & Abuse What do you need to know? What do your students need to know?

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Slide 1 Slide 2 Teaching Substance Use & Abuse What do you need to know? What do your students need to know? Slide 3 Alcohol The equal opportunity destroyer Slide 4 Who Drinks? 10 people 10 drinks How are they divided up? Slide 5 Who Drinks? Slide 6 Slide 7 Teenagers 4.6 million teenagers have a drinking problem. 4% of high school seniors drink alcohol every day. Slide 8 Teenagers Lower body weight Higher blood alcohol concentration level than adults Greater effects for longer periods of time Slide 9 Alcohol & other drugs 20-35% Suicides 62%Assaults 52% Rapes 38% Child abuse 50% Traffic fatalities 49% Murders 68% Manslaughter Charges 69% Drownings Health Concerns Associated with Alcohol Use Up to 50% Spousal abuse Slide 10 Another Problem - Slide 11 Effects on Children Slide 12 Slide 13 Tobacco Slide 14 In Missouri 8,600 kids under 18 Daily new smokers MO has 11 th highest smoking rate 39 th lowest life expectancy $400 million spent on tobacco ads Slide 15 Cheaper Alternatives Pipe tobacco to roll own cigarettes Small cigars formulated to look like cigarettes Lower taxes Slide 16 New Products Slide 17 Video http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=139561 http://www.9news.com/9slideshows/gallery.aspx?slideshowname=Tobacco%20 or%20Candy%20Test Packaging Slide 18 Dont know yet where they will be placed in the store Easily transported Easier to start Slide 19 Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 Alternative Cigarettes Exotic Made with natural, healthier ingredients Flavored Contain less tobacco Non-porous leaves nicotine cannot be weakened by air nicotine cannot be weakened by air Receive 27 times the nicotine Slide 23 Harder to keep lit Harder to keep lit Breathe deeper, more often Breathe deeper, more often Toxins go deeper into lungs Toxins go deeper into lungs More than 5 X amount of tar More than 5 X amount of tar 2X risk of lung cancer 5X risk of heart disease More at risk for cancer Slide 24 Herbal Blends 1 hour of Hooka is like Smoking 100 cigarettes! Slide 25 Problems of Quitting Withdrawal Symptoms Parents become agitated Children think they arent loved Slide 26 Inhalants Dangers Brain Lung Common among children Slide 27 Teaching Inhalants Not a drug Safety issues Labels Use in well-ventilated area Reasons for labels Discuss types of products Slide 28 Caffeine: A Daily Drug ~80-90% of the world's population consumes daily 76% of children consume daily Slide 29 Breath Mints & Spray Candy Bars Inhaler Energy Strips Slide 30 Add to coffee Time-release capsules Cereals Beef Jerky Slide 31 Patches & Gel to apply to the body Caffeinated Beer Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol Slide 32 Gum Slide 33 Caffeinated lip balm & soap Slide 34 Caffeinated sunflower seeds & potato chips Slide 35 Effect on Children Smaller bodies - Greater effect During school Late night (ball games, etc.) Slide 36 Over-the- Counter & Prescription Drugs Slide 37 Dextromethorphan Semisynthetic narcotic Related to opium OTC cough suppressants Robitussin, Vicks Formula 44, Drixoral, Delsym, Pertussin, etc. DM, Tuss, or Maximum Strength DM, Tuss, or Maximum Strength Slide 38 DXM Legal Less publicized than illegal drugs Easily obtained Not intimidating like heroin OTC = Safe? Slide 39 Other Dangers Toxic side effects from other ingredients Toxic side effects from other ingredients Liver damage from acetaminophen Slide 40 Prescription Drugs Types of drugs Types of drugs Pain Killers Antidepressants ADHD stimulants Steal drugs & prescriptions Steal drugs & prescriptions Buy from others Buy from others Take from parents Take from parents Pharm Parties Slide 41 Marijuana Stronger now than in the 60s Slide 42 K-2 Synthetic Marijuana Sold as incense or potpourri Herbs, spices Synthetic THC Slide 43 Playing Russian Roulette Never tested on humans Affects the central nervous system Hallucinations, seizures Fast heart beat, dangerously elevated blood pressure, pale skin and vomiting Slide 44 Bath Salts Names Ivory Wave, Bliss, White Lightning and Hurricane Charlie Chemicals cause hallucinations, paranoia, rapid heart rate and suicidal thoughts Slide 45 Bath Salts Reacts in brain like combination of Meth & Cocaine Creates aggressive tendencies like PCP Slide 46 Meth Slide 47 Meth addicts Dont eat or sleep Sometimes up to a month No energy for normal tissue repair Body starts to rot Gums break down, teeth fall out Gums break down, teeth fall out Major organs disintegrate Major organs disintegrate Induce strokes, psychosis, schizophrenia Induce strokes, psychosis, schizophrenia Slide 48 Hiding Drugs Slide 49 Scope of Classroom Drug Education Slide 50 Scare tactics dont work Teach drugs are not the answer to problems Dont play down childs problems - may make drugs more appealing Teach alternatives Teach alternatives Slide 51 Slide 52 Milk activity Slide 53 Slide 54 Slide 55 Slide 56 Slide 57 Slide 58 Slide 59 Activities Things to create Slide 60 Slide 61 Slide 62 Slide 63 Slide 64 Slide 65 Slide 66 Activities


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